AT&T donates $5,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs

AT&T donates $5,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs

Posted: Saturday, September 18, 2010 8:53 am

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AT&T announced this week a $5,000 corporate contribution to Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Tennessee as part of a $105,000 AT&T corporate contribution to support Project Learn in 21 clubs across the state.
Project Learn features a program that provides supplemental teaming activities to strengthen developmental skills.
Trey Rabon, Regional Director External Affairs, AT&T Tennessee, presented the donation to Boys & Girls Club officials during a ceremony at the Union City facility Tuesday.
“Supporting the Project Learn program at Northwest Tennessee Boys & Girls Clubs demonstrates our continued efforts to help young people better prepare for the future,” he said. “They are tomorrow’s leaders. AT&T recognizes that supporting programs like Project Learn helps provide youth with the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce.”
Project Learn reinforces and enhances the skills and knowledge young people learn at school through “high-yield” learning activities, including leisure reading, writing activities, homework help and games that develop and strengthen cognitive skills.
“Northwest Tennessee Boys & Girls Club applauds AT&T’s dedication to education initiatives like Project Learn,” said Chief Professional Officer Ron Green. “When this type of training and mentoring is provided to these young people, there will be a direct return on investment for the business community.
“Investment in programs like Project Learn brings success for our youth and, ultimately, Tennessee.AT&T’s commitment to providing educational opportunities for our state’s children should be commended. We also want to recognize state Rep. Judy Barker for her attention and support to education.”
“We encourage more companies throughout the state to follow AT&T’s commitment to education,” said Mrs. Barker. “We must continue to invest in programs like Project Learn in order to strengthen Tennessee’s future economy and workforce.”
Project Learn emphasizes collaborations between Boys & Girls Club staff, parents and school personnel  and focuses on the skills young people develop both at the Boys & Girls Club and in the home.
Based on Dr. Reginald Clark’s research, Project Learn incorporates fun, but academically beneficial, activities that increase overall academic performance. Formally evaluated by Columbia University, Project Learn has been proven to significantly boost the academic performances of Club members.

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