Mobile speed systems activated in UC

Mobile speed systems activated in UC

Posted: Friday, September 17, 2010 9:55 am

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The warning period has ended and citations will now be issued from two mobile speed violation monitoring systems being used in Union City.
The two mobile speed violation monitoring systems were recently added to the Union City Police Department’s fleet through the city’s agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems, an Arizona-based road safety camera company.
Union City Assistant Police Chief Perry Barfield said the new speed enforcement vehicles are part of the traffic light and speed enforcement program offered by Redflex, the company the city solicited when its previous red light camera contractor went out of business.
Redflex offers both red light and speed enforcement as part of its public safety efforts.
The two mobile speed vehicles are deployed in different locations through-out the city at various times and take photos just like stationary traffic cameras at red light intersections. The images are sent to Redflex for the gathering of information and then sent to local police for review to determine if there is a true violation. If so, a citation will be mailed to the vehicle owner.
The fine is $50, which is the same as the fixed traffic cameras, and the offense will not go on the offender’s driving record, according to police.
Union City police set up the first of its two mobile speed violation monitoring systems for the first time Aug. 16, with warning tickets issued for a 30-day period — which ended at midnight Tuesday, according to Barfield.
“We have seen a decrease in the numbers of violations already. We hope that continues,” he said. “There has been both positive and negative response to (the cameras’) use. We feel that they are an asset to our enforcement efforts.”
Signs have been posted at Union City’s city limits to alert motorists to the use of traffic enforcement cameras and the specially-equipped vehicles are being parked along roadways where they are clearly visible. Police also allow a certain tolerance of the posted speed and said they are not setting an unrealistically low speed for violators.
The speed enforcement units will not be set up anywhere close to a change in speed zones and will be carefully placed in order to give motorists ample time to slow down in areas where the speed limit drops.
Redflex has also done survey work at various intersections in Union City and is in the process of reviewing statistics to determine where its company will place stationary red light cameras to target offenders. Barfield said they will likely be placed at some of the same intersections as before, but could also be placed at some different intersections targeted as problem areas.
No city funding is being used to provide the red light or speed enforcement camera systems. The only cost to the city is in furnishing the gasoline for the speed enforcement vehicles — which are provided by Redflex, complete with all service and maintenance.
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