Clarksville native wins 17th annual Soybean 5k

Clarksville native wins 17th annual Soybean 5k
Clarksville native wins 17th annual Soybean 5k

Top kids — Youngters taking home trophies from the Fun Run held in conjunction with Saturday’s 17th Annual Soybean Festival 5k were (from left) Paxton Davis, Parker Maxey, Jonathan Hil and Vayder Maddox. Photo submitted
The fleetest of feet in the 17th Annual Tennessee Soybean Festival 5K Road Race belonged to Clarksville resident James Lynch. Lynch was the fastest male runner with a time of 17 minutes and 4 seconds in the race sponsored by the Martin Kiwanis Club, Ken-Tenn Sports and The Sideline Physical Therapy and Fitness Center on Saturday.
Kirsten Sass of McKenzie, with a time of 18:54 was the winner of the women’s division.
The Soybean 5K Road Race is a part of the annual Tennessee Soybean Festival.  The Jackson Road-Runners Club timed the event which began and ended at the softball complex in the Martin Recreation Complex. The 5K distance is approximately 3.1 miles.  The course which begins on the west side of the lake, goes out of the park, north on Pleasant Hill Road, West on Sky Hawk Parkway, south on Harrison Road, and back to the park along Stella Ruth Road is relatively flat.  There were 149 registered runners for the Soybean 5K and 134 finishers.
Trophies were awarded to the overall male and female winners and to first, second, and third-place finishers in various age groups for both men and women.  Those receiving trophies in the Soybean 5K for the various age groups and their times were:
• Women 11-13: first, Leslie Patterson of Martin, 29:10; second, Laura Barber of Martin, 29:14; third,  Mary Schommer of Martin, 29:33.
• Women 14-16: first, Tamara Nettles of Martin, 24:20; second, Whitney Johnson of South Fulton, 25:09; third, Kaley Leyhue of Martin, 25:43.
• Women 17-19: first, Jacey Sims of Martin, 24:19; second, Lindsay Bowman of  UT Martin,  24:59; third,  Sarah Rogers of Bardwell, Ky., 26:12.
• Women 20-29: first, Robyn Winkler of McKenzie, 24:43; second, Kandi Parker of Martin, 26:32; third, Katie Childress of Jackson, 28:34.
• Women 30-39: first, Melaine Marcaurel of Martin, 25:13; second, Candra Smith of Martin, 25:34; third, Leigh-An Baker of Dresden, 27:06.  
• Women 40-49: first Carol Blanchard of Martin, 27:15; second, Jenny Bradshaw of Martin, 29:13; third, Laura Fieser of Martin, 29:27.
• Women 50-59: first, Lynn Patterson of Martin, 24:18; second, Linda Elder of Fancy Farm, Ky., 32:12; third, Jeannie Riggs of Finley, 34:47.
• Women 60 and older: first, Opal Jones of Union City, 30:13; second, Brenda Bertschi of Paris, 31:32.
• Men 11-13: first, Timothy Huestis of Dresden, 21:25; second, Donovan Davis of Gleason, 21:34; third, Donivon Sawyer of Dresden, 21:45.
• Men 14-16: first, Austin Maxey of Dresden, 20:43; second, Jackson Smith of Troy, 20:46; third, Justin James of Dresden, 21:16.
• Men 17-19: first, Jacob Reeves of Cedar Hill, 17:15; second, Jacob Vallee of Dresden, 20:23; third, Matthew Abbott of Trenton, 27:49.
• Men 20-29: first, Mike Roebuck of England, UK, 21:20; second, Justin Owens of Martin, 23:04.07; third, Matthew Davis of Union City. 23:04.53.
• Men 30-39: first, Blake Gallimore of Dresden, 18:32; second, Ritchie Brawley of Martin, 22:00; third, Jeff Sass of McKenzie, 23:35.
• Men 40-49: first, Gordon Sanders of Princeton, Ky., 17:47; second, Todd Maxey of Dresden, 20:14; third, Randy Davis of Gleason, 20:31.
• Men 50-59: first, Joe Konkol of Union City, 21:37; second, Paul Roebuck of England, UK, 21:46; third, Gwin Anderson of Dresden, 23:24.
• Men 60 and older: first, Phil Davis of Martin, 22:29; second, Les MacDiarmid of Martin, 24:15; third, Richard Davis of McKenzie, 24:51.
Other runners and their times were: Emily Barber, Martin, 33:52:89; Dale Beach, Hickory, Ky., 32:38; Anna Bell, Camden, 28:52; Mike Bell, Camden, 25:40; Kenniece Bennett, Martin, 34:22; Connor Blanchard, Martin, 35:11; Tom Blanchard, Martin, 25:16; Bryan Boggs, Martin, 24:07; Carrie Brawley, Martin, 32:37; Harold Brockwell, Puyallup, Wash., 34:43; Christopher Choate, Niceville, Fla., 25:33; Leanna Coleman, Martin, 37:01:65; Joseph Cook, Martin, 23:38; Terry Copeland, Water Valley, Ky., 24:03; Ross Cormia, Martin, 25:08; Donnie Craddock, Union City, 21:58; Drew Crews, Hornbeak, 23:03; Jacob Crossett, Huntingdon, 29:08; Emily Crye, Mason, Ohio, 33:54:74; Jennifer Davis, Gleason, 36:22; Joey Elder, Fancy Farm, Ky., 29:57; Michelle Fieser, Martin, 33:52:71; Dusty Gibson, Martin, 25:31; Amanda Hall, Hermitage, 28:38; Kaityln Harrelson, Martin, 37:01; David Hatler, Dresden, 25:06; Sarah Hatler, Dresden, 28:26; Bill Hayes, Martin, 47:14; Ben Herron, Dresden, 28:49; Ben Herron, Dresden, 25:17:88; Weslee Hill, Martin, 28:53; Brian Johnson, Martin, 39:33; Brittney Johnson, Martin, 32:16; Chris Johnson, Martin, 28:10:30; Brittany Kalas, Paris, 37:48; Kendall Leyhue, Martin, 26:08; David Marker, Martin, 21:03; Dana Mason, Hendersonville, 35:53:63; Tommy Mason, Hendersonville, 34:06; Cecil May, South Fulton, 40:45; Brittany McClanahan, Martin, 30:40; Johnny McTurner, Troy, 37:54; Le Anne Merritt, Martin, 36:36; Rebekah Miles, Martin, 38:51;  Hope Montgomery, Union City, 28:03; Megan Montgomery, Union City, 33:36; Brad Moss, Martin, 31:18; Paxton Pair, South Fulton, 28:57; Rene Palma, Martin, 25:17:67; Preasley Parker, Dresden, 27:03; Lexie Perry, Dresden, 39:56; Courtney Rea, Martin, 33:05:33; Mike Rea, Martin, 33:05:75; James Riggs, Dyersburg, 32:00; Bertha Robles, Paris, 30:19; Cayce Rose, Martin, 25:44; Sharon Sabin, Paris, 30:41, Anne Schommer, Martin,  33:57; John Schommer, Martin, 37:48; Mark Simmons, Martin, 25:51; Cheryl Smiddy, Mason, Ohio, 33:54:56; Sam Stephens, Martin, 27:14; Ricky Stout, Greenfield, 30:01; Sarah Taylor, Martin, 35:13; Andrew Tenell, Union City, 28:10:93; Alex Terrell, Union City, 22:45; Chasnie Thompson, Martin, 38:27; Joe Thompson, Martin, 24:28; Jim Tucker, Greenfield, 30:11; Keith Tucker, Greenfield, 30:29; Johnathan Vest, Martin, 28:04; Teddy Vincent, Martin, 30:21; Hunter Walters, Cottage Grove, 32:14; Matt Washburn, Martin, 23:52; Bryan Watson, Rutherford, 28:28; Mike Weddly, Cottage Grove, 27:08;  Bryelle White, Martin, 28:06; Courtney Wiley, Sharon, 33:11; Jennie Williams, Martin, 35:53:85; Benjamin Winkler, McKenzie, 31:41; Volker Winkler, McKenzie, 25:01; David Wood, Atwood, 33:20; Jay Woods, Martin, 28:47; Lauren Wray, Martin, 40:46; Michael Yandell, Martin, 24:47.
Six youngsters participated in the Fun Run.  They were Cannon Brawley, Jonathan Hill, Vayder Maddox and Hayden Smith from Martin, Dresden residents Paxton Davis and Parker Maxey and Troy resident John-Paul McTurner.
Trophies were awarded to the first three finishers who were 10 years or younger in both the boys and girls divisions. Those receiving trophies were:
• First Place Girls, Vayder Maddox, age 4, 13:08.
• First Place Boys, Paxton Davis, age 9, 7:00.
• Second Place Boys, Parker Maxey, age 8,    9:20.
• Third Place Boys, Jonathan Hil, age 5, 13:34.
Registered walkers were Mary Lee Hall, James Hall, Kim Hicks, Laura Lawson and Laura Suiter, all from Martin.
The Martin Kiwanis Club, Ken-Tenn Sports and The Sideline Physical Therapy and Fitness Center  would like to thank all the runners and walkers for their participation in this event. A special thank you goes to the running clubs of  Dresden, Obion Central High School, McKenzie High School and the Westview girls basketball team for their participation.  Other special thanks go to the Skyhawk Cross Country Running Team from the University of Tennessee at Martin, to UT Martin’s Campus Recreation Division, and to the staff of Martin Recreation Department for their assistance in the promotion and execution of the Soybean 5K Road Race. The Kiwanis Club also wishes to thank the Martin Police Department for their assistance with traffic control during the event.

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