A Crusader’s View – 9.14.10

A Crusader’s View – 9.14.10

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2010 4:14 pm
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

“Mosque or Mask!?”
Hello once again! You knew it was coming eventually. This week I could not hold back any longer. The proposed mosque near ground zero in New York – that’s all I had to write and you already have an opinion.
This subject is a very touchy one with very polarized and outspoken passions by all the parties involved with the erection or the demolition of such a plan as this. People all over the world have taken sides with much fervor and unwavering diligence for and against.
There have been outcries of violence and bodily harm from both ends of this tilted spectrum.
So we now come to my opinion of this chaos. My opinion about it is probably surprisingly different than most would think. To those that regularly read my column, one would think that I would take to the streets with a bullhorn and a burning effigy of an Islamic icon.
However, my take on all of this civil unrest is much more cerebral than inflammatory. When I see the many newscasts and read the gobs of articles on the internet dedicated to this proposed Islamic center very definite questions arise in my mind.
1) Why there?  
2) What is the motive behind building such a place?
3) And, who profits from its placement?
For question 1, one would think that maybe there was a lack of mosques or other places dedicated to Islam. There isn’t. There is definitely not a shortage of places Muslims can go to worship. Truthfully speaking, there are more than 100 mosques in the city, plus an unknown number of small mosques that worshipers have set up in their apartments or in places that are not visible from the street. So why build near the spot where 2000+ people died? Does Islam have respect for the dead?
For Question 2, it only makes more questions: Is the motive behind the mosque, a place for worship or a place for agenda? Could it be that the reason behind such a place at such a location is because the parties involved know that the people would protest?
Could it be that the major reason they want a mosque near ground zero is because they hope that someone would try to blow it up?
If someone did enact a violent or terroristic act upon the mosque and its patrons, would it suddenly make Islam look like the “good guy” or more likely, make cause for the governmental regulation of all religion?
For question 3: The obvious answer in the form of a question is, who is funding its construction? Who are the backers of this project?
In closing, I must say that this plan to build a mosque near ground zero leaves me with more questions than answers. Hopefully, in the weeks ahead this entire media fiasco will be resolved without bloodshed.
I personally believe that they should not build there out of respect for the families who suffered great loss on 9/11. Whether they will show that respect or not, we shall soon see.
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