Renovations on the horizon for county adult learning center

Renovations on the horizon for county adult learning center
The most recent Weakley County School Board meeting proved to be an eventful one with proposals for hiring new volunteer teachers as well as renovations for the Adult Learning Center.
Education leaders and officials from across the county filled the cafeteria of Gleason School last Thursday in order to discuss, consider and approve 13 items on the school board agenda. The meeting – the first during the Weakley County K-12 school year – saw the majority of meeting items approved with little resistance.
Amongst the many topics discussed, the proposal for renovations to the Adult Learning Center and GED testing center in Dresden, Tenn. came up. Director of School Randal Frazier says that the Tennessee Technology Center renovations are intended to expand the broaden opportunities presented at the Adult Learning Center.
“We’re going to add two additional courses in January at the Adult Learning Center such as Industrial Maintenance and then also the business course that will be offered at the Tech Center,” Frazier said. “The old shop areas of the Adult Learning Center is where we’re looking at adding these classrooms.”
Frazier expounded by saying that the old welding shop classroom will be utilized as an industrial maintenance area. The gymnasium area will be renovated into a business classroom.
Frazier added that the renovations will come at no cost to the county.
“The Technology Center will handle all labor and all materials that it costs to renovate that classroom,” Frazier said. “They have to do the electricity and wiring to house up to 25 computer stations. It will be no cost for us.”
Frazier also says that minor renovations will be made in addition to what is being paid for by the Tennessee Technology Center, including enclosing a classroom that suffers from traffic noise and correcting a damaged wall.
“They pay utilities when they’re there and take care of hiring their personnel,” Frazier said. “This will be a great opportunity for our students to transition from a GED program to now having additional programs that they can go into a higher learning environment.”
These courses offered by the Tennessee Technology Center have been taught at Martin in past years. According to Frazier, the Center has been leasing a building but will now be closing that building and relocating – with the new courses ready to begin – in early January of 2011.
The proposal was approved unanimously by the Weakley County School Board with no opposition.
Earlier discussions in the meeting included a one-time bonus for part-time cafeteria workers at Weakley County Schools.
Tami Simpson, a representative for school food service employees, raised a discussion that 21 employees who assisted cafeteria workers during the busiest times of year be eligible for a $300 bonus.
“These are employees who are very important to us who work part-time to come in and reign certain duties during our busy time,” Simpson said. “I’m asking that you considered them as being part-time and receive the $300 bonus as the other part-time workers.”
Director of Schools Randal Frazier pointed out that – if the proposal becomes a resolution and is passed – that if passed would result in these cafeteria workers receiving the bonus in November. If delayed, it could be as late as the first of next year before the bonus is received.
Gordon Morris, School Board Chairman, stated that he needed to make sure there was equality amongst pay for all workers.
“I believe we realize the importance of these people, and I certainly think your suggestion is good, “ Morris said. “I think the duties need to be consistent…we need to cover everybody if we’re going to cover anybody.”
The discussion was approved to be a resolution for the next meeting.
Other approvals at the meeting included a modification to the grading system, further considerations on the settlement the Weakley County School Board vs M, and the approval of the following volunteer coaches at Weakley County Schools:
• Wendy Maxey, Cross Country (Dresden High)
• Daniel Wofford, Junior High Football (Greenfield)
• Colin Lester, Baseball (Westview)
• Jay Crawford, Baseball (Westview)
• Casey Barksdale, Girls Basketball (Westview)
• Kenneth Edwards, Boys Basketball (Westview)
• Dave Reinhard, Boys Soccer (Westview)
• Holli Byars, Cheerleading (Westview)
• Amy Belew, Cheerleading (Westview).
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