Chester County man accused of weekend beating spree in Martin

Chester County man accused of weekend beating spree in Martin
WCP 8.26.10 A Chester County man was taken into custody over the weekend after he apparently went on a beating spree and threatened to kill a woman early Saturday morning.
Dustin “Drew” Boleyn, 27, of Enville faces three charges of aggravated assault and one charge of aggravated kidnapping for a several-hour apparent altercation that originated at a local night club.
According to an incident report, Boleyn was involved in an altercation with C.J. Hazlewood when a patron, Adam Nelson attempted to intervene.
Nelson’s statement to the Martin Police Department was that he was hit in the eye by Boleyn, rendering him unconscious. Nelson was also allegedly kicked in the head by Boleyn at the scene. The first incident reportedly occurred at 2:20 a.m. on Saturday.
A second incident placed Boleyn at Murphy Drive in Martin around 4 a.m. Emergency personnel were called to the scene to treat Hazlewood for lacerations to his chest and head. A second victim, Honey Johnson, was also treated at the scene for cuts to her face and arms, according to an incident report.
When questioned at the scene, the couple told officers that a third victim, Tonya Reed, was with Boleyn and they feared for her safety. Reed was apparently threatened by Boleyn and forced her to drive him to Enville.
Boleyn allegedly threatened to kill Reed and her family members more than 25 times during the drive, according to the report.
Reed contacted the Chester County Sheriff’s Department and Boleyn was taken into custody. The victim had bald spots on her head and blood on her shirt, according to the report.
Boleyn is accused of aggravated assault against Hazlewood, Nelson, Johnson and Reed. He is also charged with the aggravated kidnapping of Reed.
Boleyn is being held in Chester County.

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