Breaking News: Potential police impersonation reported

Breaking News: Potential police impersonation reported
Local law enforcement agencies are alerting community members of a potential officer impersonation.
According to Weakley County Sheriff’s Department, in the early morning hours of Saturday, Aug. 21, a woman was stopped by a vehicle resembling an unmarked police car with a strobe light on the dash.
After a white male approached the vehicle, the driver said she became concerned about the legitimacy of the situation. After investigations by several Weakley County agencies, it is believed that the white male was not an officer.
Weakley County Law Enforcement officers would like to alert the public to use caution if an unmarked vehicle attempts to stop them. Law enforcement officials recommend that in the situation, do not stop for the unmarked vehicle. Continue to drive in a careful manner and dial 911.
Tell the dispatcher your name and location and stay on the line with dispatcher. Continue to update the dispatcher on your movements, and the dispatcher will guide you as to what actions to take.
If the unmarked vehicle is a Weakley County officer, verification will be done almost immediately. If it can’t be verified as a legitimate officer, a law enforcement officer will be en route to your location.
If anyone has information about this case, place contact your local law enforcement agency or Crime Stoppers at 364-TIPZ.

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