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School system announces changes, updates this year

School system announces changes, updates this year
New technology, equipment and teachers were put into place over the past few months and the 2010-2011 school year kicked off today for Weakley County Schools.
This past Thursday the Weakley County School Board met for its August monthly meeting and took care of some last-minute issues before the beginning of the new academic year.
“Everything has gone well to this point,” Chairman Gordon Morris announced. “We’re hoping this year will be like the last. We’re excited about the new equipment and technology and hope it works out well.”
As a followup, Director of Schools Randy Frazier reported lower test scores due to the newly-implemented standards.
“We should receive confirmation from the test scores in early September. The new standards lowered the test scores and just 25 percent of eighth graders scored proficient in math. We should have test scores ready to give to the parents in October,” Frazier reported.
“All teachers should be hired by today,” he added. “We have a good corps of new teachers and Tuesday will start it off. Registration was smooth and we’re looking forward to a good year. By Friday I should know the official numbers.”
In other business, board members Barbara Trentham and Joan Pritchett volunteered to renew their positions as trustees of the sick leave bank. They will meet briefly in September with Tennessee Education Association (TEA) officials in regards to the sick leave bank.
The following volunteer coaches were hired:
* Matt Hewett, Dresden High (football)
*Todd Maxey, Dresden High (cross country)
* Chad Hodge, Dresden High (football)
* Matthew Bane, Greenfield (football)
* Tyler Mitchell, Greenfield (football)
* Billy Allen, Greenfield (Jr. High football)
* Willie Campbell, Westview (football)
* Thomas Hansen, III, Westview (soccer)
As a blanket consent, all special education, vocational education, band and athletic trips received approval.
Sympathy was extended to Emily Perry, a teacher at Martin Primary, in the loss of her father.
The next meeting of the Weakley County School Board will take place at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 2 at Gleason School.
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