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Sizzling heat, rising temps hinder fall sports workouts

Sizzling heat, rising temps hinder fall sports workouts
Sizzling heat, rising temps hinder fall sports workouts | TSSAA, heat index, Jason Rodehaver, Don Coady, Greenfield football, Westview football

Ahhhh — Gleason’s Gabe Lowrance chugs some water during a break from practice. Rising temperatures have forced some coaches to shift their practices and scrimmages deeper into the evening and even indoors in order to keep their players safe.
Mother Nature has turned up the heat in Weakley County just in time to disrupt the preseason workouts of local athletic teams.
With the mercury in the thermometer threatening to pop right out of the top like a raging volcano, coaches are having to adapt their schedules to keep their players healthy and to stay within the guidelines set by the TSSAA.
The state’s athletic governing body implement new heat policies before the start of the 2009-10 athletic seasons.
The TSSAA rule stated, “The TSSAA Heat policy will prohibit schools from practicing or competing when the heat index at the location of the activity is in excess of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.”
A mild end of summer and fall in 2009 meant most teams were unaffected by the brand new rules.
2010 has proven to be a different matter. With area temperatures soaring into triple digits the past few days and the heat index rising well above 110 and near 120 in the afternoons, coaches are making changes to their regular routines.
 “We went out there about half naked,” Greenfield High School head football coach Jason Rodehaver joked of his team’s Monday night workout. “No pads or helmets. We just did a walk through. We didn’t start until 6:30 or 7, and it was still hot out there.
The oppressive heat was such an issue that Greenfield’s scrimmage with Gibson County on Tuesday night was delayed nearly 90 minutes until the temperatures dropped some.
“We didn’t start until 8:30. The heat index was still at 104 at 8 (p.m.),” the Jacket head coach noted.
Westview head coach Don Coady has also taken precautions with the heat.
“We have modified our schedule by going later,” Coady said in an e-mail.
In addition, his team is also doing some work indoors and will start early at 7 a.m. on Friday morning. Instead of the full practice gear, this week the Chargers are working out in shorts, T-shirts, shoulder pads and helmets.

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