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New textbooks ready for public review

New textbooks ready for public review
Nashville – New Mathematics textbooks proposed for use in the public schools are now on display in ten district textbook collection sites located across Tennessee.
Citizens interested in reviewing the textbooks being considered for use beginning with the 2011-2012 school year should contact the director of the textbook collection site in their area.
Parents, family members, educators and the general public are encouraged to visit the textbook sites and to participate in the review process. 
In the Northwest Tennessee region, the new textbooks can be reviewed at the Paul Meek Library on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Martin.
Inquiries should be directed to Cindy Gaylord.
“It is very important for the public to have access to the textbooks under consideration,” Morgan Branch, Director of Textbook Services, said. 
“Our goal is to provide a wide variety of materials that enrich and support the curriculum and to address the varied interests, abilities and learning styles of students.”
In addition to citizen input, a state review committee of 25 public school teachers is assisting the Tennessee Textbook Commission members with their evaluation of the textbooks.  Commission members can also use the professional expertise of teachers in their local school systems.
The state committee will meet Sept. 9. Following, a workshop will be held for textbook publishers to respond to the reviews of their books and to answer questions from a representative panel of the reviewers and from commission members.
Textbook commission members will vote Oct. 4, 2010 on the new editions to recommend to the State Board of Education for the 2010 Official List of Textbooks. State Board of Education members make the final decision for the official list. Local school systems can then adopt textbooks from the official state textbook list for a six-year period.
Public comments should be sent to Morgan Branch, Director of Textbook Services, Tennessee Department of Education, 5th Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower, Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0379 by August 31, 2010. Citizens with questions about the process may also call Morgan Branch at 615-253-3160.
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