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City of Dresden moves forward with state grant application

City of Dresden moves forward with state grant application
Getting the green light from both the utility advisory committee and the board of aldermen, the City of Dresden will now move forward in applying for a grant to correct water line infiltration at the Weakley County Nursing Home.
At the August monthly meeting this past Monday night, Alderman Robb Newbill reported that the utility advisory committee had discussed city engineer Ed Hargraves’ report and proposal and had decided to go ahead with the loan application from the state revolving fund.
Newbill shared that because of the high ranking the city received, the state would offer 20 percent loan forgiveness. The preliminary cost is $331,000 and the application deadline is Oct. 1.
On the same note, the board continued to discuss the flooding issue on Pikeview Street and Buck Hurt’s property — a carryover from last month.
Former road supervisor Seldon Cashon gave a history of the drainage ditch in Citizen’s Input. He stated that it had been a problem since 1970 when he was first elected road supervisor.
“What started it all was S.T. Bowlin. We had a monsoon and there were oil cans and gravel all over his property and, of course, he wasn’t happy. We cleaned it up and it started from that point,” Cashon explained.
The city and county batted the issue back and forth and Cashon took the problem to the county judge where he was instructed to “do your job” as elected.
Joe Hunt, the chairman of the budget committee, advised Cashon to direct his time and money to repairing county bridges rather than focusing on the ditch.
While Jack Siler was figuring prices on culverts, another flood came and the situation worsened.
Property line problems arose, but the area was cleared and the city paid for a culvert and the low bid, Construction Products, provided it.
Mayor Danny Forrester reported that the Northwest Tennessee River Basin will do all the engineering for the installation of a 72-inch pipe that will cost between $40,000 and $50,000 or if the city furnishes the materials the state will do the work.
Later on in unfinished business, Sam Bone shared that the pipe would run from the box culvert 500 feet to the other end of Fastenal.
Alderman Donnie Essary inquired about money to cover the cost and Public Works Director Kerry Cooper reported that the funds would have to come from the paving money.
“If the board decides it is a public waterway for the City of Dresden, we can move forward on digging the ditch. The engineering fee is 10 percent for Ed Hargraves,” Forrester remarked.
City Attorney Jeff Washburn added that it must be determined whether it’s of “legitimate public interest” to put a culvert in the ditch.
Adding good news to the report, Bone announced that, thanks to the efforts of Terry Oliver, the overpass on Pikeview Street will be removed and bids will be taken on Aug. 13.
Rounding out unfinished business, the board passed both Daycare Ordinance 2011-01 and Adult Business Ordinance 2011-02 on their second and final readings and public hearings.
In new business, the board looked at two bids made for the paving of West Main Extended and made no decision.
The issue will be brought up again in the next meeting.
Finishing up new business, a bid of $5,210 from Lofton Construction to repair the sidewalk from Jolley Realty to Meadowlawn Street on Morrow Street was accepted.
In employee’s reports, Finance Director Kayla Tyler announced that the audit will take place on Aug. 10 and thus far $34,300 has been collected in rural fire fees.
Cooper brought two bids for scrap metal before the board and $305 from Don Stacks was approved.
Police Chief Brent Perry reported that several businesses had offered donations to Terry Guthrie’s R.A.D. class and the board passed a motion for blanket approval on all donations.
Fire Chief Paul Hutcherson and the department will be working with Greenfield Fire Chief Bob Dudley in an effort to improve the city’s I.S.O. rating.
The rating currently stands at 6 in the city and Hutcherson is hoping to lower it to a 4.
Fire hydrant color coding and painting is still taking place and the fire department is receiving help from parks and recreation.
Fire Engine 4 broke down this past Sunday and was towed to Union City International.
The engine is still in the process of being evaluated and with projected damage of at least an injector head and a piston sleeve, the board voted to fix the problem as soon as possible with $5,600 from repair and maintenance.
If the cost is higher, more money will be provided as needed.
Additionally, from a recommendation by Essary, Hutcherson will check on the cost of a long block.
In announcements, Cypress Lane is in the process of being repaired, but has yet to receive county commission approval.
A grant for street signs has been received and new signs will be up before the unveiling of the new statue at the courthouse.
The next meeting of the City of Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 6.
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