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Cardon Locksmith Service ‘opens their doors’ to their Martin business

Cardon Locksmith Service ‘opens their doors’ to their Martin business

Posted: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 10:01 am

Cardon Locksmith Service, owned by Don Edwards, has recently opened their office at 305 Broadway St. in Martin. Edwards travels across the county in his service truck ‘opening doors’ in Weakley County.
Before entering the locksmith profession, Edwards spent many years as a truck and heavy equipment mechanic. His most recent business was Cardon Repair Service in Sharon.
However, the professional started to take a heavy toll on Edwards physically. He sold Cardon Repair Service at auction and enrolled in a locksmith program.
The State of Tennessee recently passed laws that state that all locksmiths must be licensed, maintain good standing with the state and meet continuing professional education requirements.
After hours of study and hands-on experience, he received his Tennessee locksmith license and opened for business. Edwards has received a warm welcome in Martin. His business has quickly grown, because he is the only licensed locksmith within Weakley County.
Cardon Locksmith Service provides many unique services. Edwards can change locks on homes, businesses, safes and filing cabinets.
He can also master home and business keys, re-key existing locks and impression keys for locks that are missing their keys. When community members find themselves locked out of the home, business or vehicle, Cardon Locksmith Service can assist.
In his spare time, Edwards has been busy giving back to the community through local organizations. Edwards is a member of the Martin Rotary Club and Martin Business Associations. Through these organizations, he has established his presence in Martin and gained many clients.
While residents see Edwards across Weakley County is his service truck, Cardon Locksmith Service has an office located at 305 Broadway St. in Martin.
For all locksmithing needs, Edwards is only a quick phone call away at 731-587-LOCK. He can also be reached at
WCP 8.03.10

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