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Tuck files suit against Shelby County SD

Tuck files suit against Shelby County SD
Confessed serial rapist Bruce Tuck has filed a civil rights violation complaint against the Shelby County sheriff and sheriff’s department.
Tuck filed the federal action Friday in U.S. District Court in Memphis against Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, claiming mistreatment during incarceration.
Tuck says he should be allowed the use of his breathing machine “without being deprived of his rights to access the law library, telephone, television, recreation, religious services, etc.,” and says he should receive unrestricted access to the law library and paralegal services.
He also says he should have “proper accommodations” such as extra mats to relieve his pain caused by injuries sustained in a fall down an escalator, pain medication, chiropractic care and compensation for his pain and suffering in the amount of $100,000 or “a proper amount to be determined by the jury and the court.”
In addition, Tuck says he should be guaranteed “to be free of harassment, threats and assaults by officers” and should be “exempt from cruel and inhumane conditions experienced in segregation,” which he claims include toilets that cannot be flushed, denial of mats during daytime hours and exposure to chemical fumes.
He further claims he should not be required to wear a red shirt — which identifies him as a problem — to court.
In the complaint, Tuck says the charges against him should be dropped. He asks for the case to be tried by a jury and says the costs of the action should be paid by the defendant “upon award of relief” to him.
Tuck pleaded guilty Dec. 10, 2009, in Weakley County Circuit Court in Dresden to multiple felony charges — including six counts of aggravated rape, aggravated burglary and five counts of aggravated kidnapping — in connection with a series of home invasion sexual assaults last summer in Martin. He was arrested Sept. 2, 2009, at his parents’ home in Gleason after DNA evidence linked him to a sexual assault on Raven Street in Martin on Aug. 30.
Other home invasion sexual assaults had also been reported in Martin and Shelby County throughout the summer months. Those cases prompted a massive search by Martin, Weakley County and Shelby County law enforcement agencies, as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, for a suspect described as having a pot belly and wearing a mask.
During the execution of a search warrant at a rental storage unit that reportedly had ties to Tuck, investigators allegedly found a mask similar to the one used during the attacks.
Tuck was indicted in February by a Shelby County grand jury on multiple charges of rape, burglary and robbery for incidents that allegedly occurred last summer in Memphis and Shelby County.
In June, Tuck filed a petition challenging his guilty pleas and his 60-year prison sentence from Weakley County. He also claimed he was coerced into confessing.
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