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Biofuels co-conspirator found guilty

Biofuels co-conspirator found guilty
A 56-year-old accused of filing false statements with the federal government to claim subsidies for a biofuels business in Mississippi has been found guilty by a federal court in that state.
William “Tommy” Tacker was allegedly a business partner with former Dresden attorney Max Speight in a biofuels business the pair operated in Mississippi.
Tacker was found guilty in U.S. District Court in Mississippi Monday for conspiracy, fraud and wrongful profiteering in an attempt to claim nearly $2.8 million in government subsidies.
He was sentenced to five years in prison for the federal convictions.
Speight pleaded guilty earlier this year for his role in the business scheme. He is awaiting sentencing and the details of his plea agreement have been sealed.
Speight was paroled last year from prison for charges in 2008 that stemmed from apparently defrauding several local clients while he was their attorney in Weakley County.
He was accused of illegally transferring more than $1 million of his clients’ money.
Speight was sentenced to eight years in prison for the crimes.
WCP 7.20.10

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