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Recent rains improve water quality, fishing on Reelfoot Lake

Recent rains improve water quality, fishing on Reelfoot Lake

Posted: Friday, July 16, 2010 10:14 am
By: Brent Callicott

Recent rains improve water quality, fishing on Reelfoot Lake | Recent rains improve water quality, fishing on Reelfoot Lake
Finally, our area was blessed that what many are calling a million dollar rain.
This past week’s rainfall also benefited fishing as well. It was good to get this because it added some water to the dropping level at Reelfoot and much-needed oxygen as well.
Speaking of the rain, I myself recorded around 2.45 inches at my home in Union City and I have had reports of some parts of western Obion County receiving up to 4 inches, maybe a little bit more.
This helped raise the water level on Reelfoot around 3 to 4 inches. This helped because the recent warm and humid spell caused the evaporation rate to be high around our area. That is normal for this time of the year.
Water color around Reelfoot has gotten that greenish/brown tint which comes around every summer. Water temps are in the upper 80s to 90 degrees.
Fishing is fair. Catfish and bass are the best bite right now. Catfish especially. A starting point fishing for catfish is around trees. This is best.
Some bass are being reported caught also fishing around trees with Strike King Premier 3/8-ounce spinnerbaits, white in color.
I have not had any reports of bluegill or crappie. You can probably catch a few bluegill by taking some crickets and fish cypress trees.
Now, in the past, low water levels has produced some problems of loading and unloading your boat around the lake on certain ramps. This shouldn’t be a problem now with the four newly-renovated ramps around Reelfoot. Thanks to the TWRA and Reelfoot Lake Parks, we have ramps that should allow anyone to have access to the lake at anytime no matter how low or high the lake gets.
Speaking of catfishing, here is information on a upcoming catfish tournament that will be held at Reelfoot Lake.
Reelfoot Lake is hosting the 8th Annual Catfish Tournament July 31. This event will be sponsored by the Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council.
There will be a five catfish limit for each boat and fishermen who have largest number in weight have a chance of winning a guaranteed $1,000 first place prize. There is a 100 percent payback on big fish (60 percent) and second big fish (40 percent). There may be other places paid out depend upon number of entries. Plaques or trophies will be awarded to first, second and third places. Participating sponsors will donate door prizes to be distributed by a ticket drawing.
There is a $100 entry fee per two man boat includes big fish entry and non-refundable. Register between 5:30-6:30 a.m. at the Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council on 4575 SR Highway 21 East Tiptonville the morning of or pre-register at You can print registration sheet, fill it out, include $100 check and mail it to: Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council 4575 SR. 21 East Tiptonville, TN. 38079. All expenses paid by Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council.
Here are some of the rules: 5 fish (Catfish) limit, 2 ounces penalty for each dead fish weighed in, Reelfoot Lake waters only, fish with only a rod & reel, launch boat at any ramp on Reelfoot Lake, subject to a polygraph test.
Weigh-in will be at the Air Park Inn area located in the Upper Blue Basin area of Reelfoot Lake at 1 p.m. that day.
One thing to keep in mind is early morning and late afternoon is the best times as for the air temps to get out on the lakes and fish. This is usually the times that everyone else is out fishing also. One thing you might try and if you like hot and humid weather is fish in the middle of the day. There is less traffic but if you can deal with the elements that Mother Nature deals us, the fish really know no different.
On Reelfoot, a key area to fish is the shoreline on the southern most end of the lake located in the Lower Blue Basin. This area provides lots of shad and the fish knows that. That means cooler water temps and baitfish usually are there to. You have a chance of catching crappie, bass, bluegill and catfish here. Sometimes, you never have to start your motor and just start fishing.
On Aug. 5 starting at 5 p.m., Ironman Fellowship presents Sportsman’s Night with Special Guest Crispin Powley of Strike King Lure Co., Mark Trudeau of Whitetail Institute and Troy Ruiz, who worked for Mossy Oak and Primos Game calls.
There will be seminars by all three outdoorsmen that evening.
This is a free event with a free meal provided at around 7 that evening.
This event will be located at the Covenant Ranch , 8759 Highway 79 North, Buchanan TN. You can get more information either by calling 731-642-2099 or visit their website at
Make sure that you drink plenty of water or sports drinks during your time out in this hot and humid weather. Also, keep close check on your outdoor pet if you have one. They need water and shade at this time of year and a short hair cut may help also.
That’s it for this week’s information and report. Please remember to send us your photos, stories or outdoor events that you may wan to pass along to our readers. I appreciate each and everyone who takes time each week to read my column. Each week, I have several folks who share with me that they read my weekly column and I great appreciate that very much.
‘til next week’s report,
catch ya on the water folks.
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