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Dresden postpones issue of decrepit property

Dresden postpones issue of decrepit property
Dresden postpones issue of decrepit property | City of Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Terry Guthrie
‘RAD’ INSTRUCTOR – Dresden Police Officer terry Guthrie was recognized by Dresden Mayor Danny Forrester for his efforts in hosting a R.A.D Women’s Self-defense class for county residents.

Upon the research and findings of a committee, the Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen chose a credit card payment proposal for city hall.
At the July monthly meeting this past Monday, a motion was made and passed to go with First State Bank’s computer proposal without the telephone option.
“There were several questions in a meeting we had,” Alderman Dick Tidwell explained.
“Toya (Bell) checked out First State Bank. Two organizations were using it in Clarksville and North Carolina. The system can be used and installed with no cost or convenience fee to the city. There will be a convenience fee to the customer. We don’t want to do the phone option because there’s too much room for error. No contracts will be signed and it’s day to day so we can drop it if something happens.”
Public Works Director Kerry Cooper researched the purchase of booster pumps for individuals residing in the Red Hill area who wished to raise water pressure.
A pump will cost $590 and with an estimate on pump installation, could jump to $1,000. This is only an option.
Rounding out unfinished business, the board voted to table making a move on some property owned by Buck Hurt and will readdress the issue next month.
Alderman Donnie Essary and a representative from the state highway department looked at an area behind the old Dollar General Store that was caving in after every rain. Oscar Ward recommended opening a ditch if the city had a culvert, but now another person owns the property.
Another option would be opening the ditch and installing a culvert to drive across.
“In the 1960s, there was a county workshop there with trucks on either side of the road and the bridge became rickety. The bridge was covered over and since then it’s been flooding and washing out. If you want it to quit flooding, dig the culvert out,” Alderman Gwin Anderson remarked.
“It’s a dangerous situation,” Buck Hurt warned. “About 100 feet has already fallen in and about 100 more feet is about to fall in. It’s 20 feet wide and 15 to 20 feet deep and the rain makes it larger every time. The culvert is collapsed and the blacktop is the only thing holding it up. Someone will get hurt.”
Hurt added that it was his understanding that the city owns the culvert, but Mayor Danny Forrester denied any record of it.
The last time work was attempted was in the form of a $600,000 quote from the Northwest Tennessee River Basin, but the project was dropped after an easement could not be obtained.
In new business, the board passed Day Care Ordinance 2011-01 to amend Dresden’s municipal zoning ordinance to allow day cares in B-1 (neighborhood business), B-2 (central business) and B-3 (highway oriented) business districts.
The board also passed Adult Business Ordinance 2011-02 to provide for the licensing and regulation of adult-oriented businesses.
In communications, Forrester reported that the budgets were in for the Iris Festival and Cal Ripkin baseball league and they were passed.
Congratulations was given to Officer Terry Guthrie for his success in the R.A.D. program. Two more sessions are scheduled for August.
The board voted to renew with the League of Cities. The program which provides discount prescription medication to about 30 people, has saved $755.27 since the end of June and will cost the city $809 to renew.
City Engineer Ed Hargraves addressed a Delta Grant proposal regarding the water pressure at the Weakley County Nursing Home.
Hargraves mentioned the line feeding the water is a dead-end line that ends at Hwy 88. He suggested having a looped line feeding also from Hwy 22.
The Delta Regional Authority’s grant proposal is a 100 percent grant. The only obligation for the city is that the application must be in the city’s name. It is a competitive grant with no cost for application.
A motion was passed to go ahead and apply for the grant.
Forrester inquired as to whether or not a similar grant could be obtained for the Red Hill area water pressure and the idea will be researched.
Additionally, Hargraves reported that the city qualified for a State Revolving Fund grant to upgrade several pump stations to duplex pumps. In a letter from Hargraves estimating a cost of $500,000, the city was placed on a priority list, but time ran out. However, three weeks ago, Hargraves received a letter stating that the city ranks high enough to meet the loan with 20 percent forgiveness.
Once it is made known that the city is interested, the Oct. 1 deadline will be waived. The last three years of the audit will be analyzed. The water and sewer advisory board will meet to discuss the SRF loan.
In Input from the Citizens, several residents of Cypress Lane in the Red Hill area showed up with a petition.
Cypress Lane is listed in record books as Legens Road. It was not annexed into the city limits and was not maintained by the county though it shows up in maps as belonging to the county in 1995.
The board agreed to allow City Attorney Jeff Washburn time to research how to change the name. Forrester also drafted a letter to send to the county mayor on the maintaining of the road.
“It’s in terrible shape,” Cooper admitted. “I’ve been here since 1998 and the county has never touched it. To do it right, it will need a dig and a re-bed.”
In employee’s reports, Finance Director Kayla Tyler announced that auditors will be back in August and September. Cooper asked that bids be taken for the paving of the remainder of West Main Street and the motion carried.
Police Chief Brent Perry commended Guthrie on his work with the R.A.D. class and reported that David Andrews is filling the slot of investigator.
Fire Chief Paul Hutcherson reported that the department is applying for a grant to get smoke detectors for the elderly. He asked for a motion to allow Justin Staples to come back as a fire fighter and the motion passed.
The next meeting of the City of Dresden Board of Mayor and Alderman will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 2.    
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