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Westview High School FFA news

Westview High School FFA news

Posted: Friday, July 9, 2010 11:14 am
By: By Carmen Baker

The Press 7.9.10 Hi, my name is Carmen Baker. I am the reporter for Westview’s FFA chapter. I will be keeping you informed of all the upcoming events and the progress of our chapter during the 2010-2011 school year.
Even though it is summer, we always kick off the school year by participating in a leadership camp called Camp Clements, located in Van Buren County, for a week-long experience of building leadership skills.
Camp Clements is the oldest FFA camp in the country. Camp Clements invites many FFA chapters to join them for fun, fellowship and learning how to become a better leader.
We attended camp the week of June 14. Members attending were Jesi Ogg, president, Kaine Winstead, co-vice president, Beth Ray, co-vice president, Melissa Darroch, secretary, Maddison Henderson, treasurer, Carmen Baker, reporter, Seth Pierce, sentinel, Kelli West, historian, Quentin Walker, Dylan Smith, Anthony Gockley, Jessica Boggess and our advisors Mr. Billy Fuqua and Ms. Jerrie Thomsen. We would like to thank Mrs. Amanda Pearcey for chaperoning.
During our camp experience, we participated in different activities such as sports events, canoeing, paddleboats, swimming and various games.
Our chapter took part in a flag raising ceremony where we learned and cited lines about our American flag.
Rifle range was also a big hit at camp. Melissa Darroch is quite the marksman with an overall score of 90, which beat out every camper in the girls and boys division. Way to go Melissa!
Beth Ray was awarded best sport for her team. Maddison Henderson and Quentin Walker were awarded best athlete for their teams. Seth Pierce and Carmen Baker were on the overall winning team at camp.
Leadership awards were given individually for the amount of participation shown while at camp. Bronze awards were given to Beth Ray, Quentin Walker and Jessica Boggess. Silver awards were given to Maddison Henderson, Seth Pierce, Melissa Darroch, Carmen Baker and Anthony Gockley. Gold awards were given to Jesi Ogg and Kaine Winstead.
From learning new leadership skills to having fun at recreation and making new friends, Camp Clements was truly a fun experience we all enjoyed.
We hope to see our chapter grow and expand to a whole new level this next year! We all are looking forward to starting a new year of learning and fun!

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