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Ned Bigelow announces candidacy

Ned Bigelow announces candidacy
Ned Bigelow of Polk Station has announced his candidacy for Obion County commissioner, District 6, in the upcoming Aug. 5 elections.
Bigelow, a farmer of six decades experience also served six terms as commissioner representing District 6. He has been out of office since 2006. He was defeated by nine votes in the 2006 election.
Bigelow said his public interests are growth of local industry, maintaining the employment rate, holding down expenses and getting the most return for expenditure of taxpayer dollars.
He said his philosophy is, “If your taxes are raised, so are mine.”
Bigelow began his political career in 1966 when he was elected to the former Quarterly Court, which consisted of 42 magistrates.
Bigelow was later appointed to a seat on the Obion County School Board to replace the late Dr. C.H. Hill, who resigned. He served four years on the board.
In 1982, he was elected to the Obion County Commission.
He is currently chairman of the Obion County Solid Waste Committee and a member of the Mayor’s Roundtable as an agricultural representative.
He is also a board member of Obion Grain Co.
He is also a veteran of 20 years of service on the Obion County Budget Committee.
He was married to the late Dorris Fox of Obion. He has two daughters, Pat Conner and Phyllis Bigelow, both of Polk Station.
“Obion County is one of the highest rated counties in Tennessee. It needs to remain as such,” Bigelow said. “With good, honest, fair and unbiased representation, this will continue on the county commission.
“I therefore ask for your support in the upcoming election. I will be out and about campaigning, trying to talk to as many citizens as I can. Anyone with questions can call me at 694-5010.”
Published in The Messenger 7.7.10

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