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United Way invests $1.4 million in programs

United Way invests $1.4 million in programs
Jackson – On Wednesday, the Board of Directors for the United Way of West Tennessee approved investing nearly $1.4 million in 132 programs, run by 86 partner agencies for 2010- 2011. 
The United Way of West Tennessee (UWWT) has volunteers organized into 8 region committees representing its 14 counties.  These volunteers review applications sent in by agencies that have applied for funding, and decide which programs can best positively affect our communities.
Last year, the UWWT changed to advance the Common Good by working to create opportunities for a better life for all, by focusing on new areas: Education, Income and Health.
“This investment would not be possible without all the volunteers who worked and helped us raise the funds through our past campaign and those that most recently worked to help us allocate the funds through our community impact process,” stated Dr. Karen A. Bowyer, President of Dyersburg State Community College and UWWT Chair of the Board. 
“With many still recovering from the recent floods and tornados as well as the current economic situation facing our communities, these funds will benefit many more individuals and family.  Our volunteers took their task very seriously and wanted to see this investment make the largest possible positive impact throughout our communities.”
Starting on July 1, 2010, the United Way of West Tennessee will be investing a total of $1,337,357 in programs run by partner agencies, within fourteen counties in West Tennessee. 
The United Way will also be honoring donor designation totaling over $270,000 to other designated organizations, not partnered with UWWT.  All funding will be for a one-year cycle.
“One of the great aspects of the United Way system is that the money raised in a specific county will be reinvested back into that county,” stated David Hayes, UWWT Community Impact Chairman.
“If the money was raised in Dyer County, it shall be invested in programs in Dyer County. If raised in Madison, it stays in Madison. The same goes for the other counties we serve. Like wise, if a donor would like the funds invested in a different county, or even designated to a specific health and human service non-profit, we will honor those requests.”
Hayes continued, “The various county Community Impact committees diligently looked beyond if the agency had received funding before, but what was the money specifically for, what impact the program would make on the community and are we being good stewards of our donors’ money if a specific program were to be funded.”
United Way of West Tennessee’s goal is to create long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of these problems.
Living United means being a part of the change.
It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future.
United Way of West Tennessee is a local, volunteer-driven organization that helps strengthen the communities it serves by supporting health and human service non-profits in the area. 
To learn how to help, please contact United Way of West Tennessee at (731) 422-1816 or visit it on the web at, and remember when we reach out a hand to one, we impact the condition of all.
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