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School board is closer to passing new budget

School board is closer to passing new budget
The Weakley County School Board is one step closer to passing its FY 2010-11 budget.
In a special-called meeting held this past Monday, board members passed a few final resolutions in preparation for the passing of the budget at the July board meeting to be held at 2 p.m. on July 1.
The board passed resolutions 2010-46, 2010-48 and 2010-49.
Highlights of Resolution 2010-46, the Tennessee Child Nutrition Fund, include:
* A refund for the Tennessee Northwest Partnership. This is due to not having a group inservice in July.
* Large increase in revenue of $28,650 for breakfast due to underprojection and more federal revenue for free and reduced breakfast.
* More revenue for snacks in after-school programs.
* Reduction in personnel benefits regarding expenditures.
Highlights of Resolution 2010-48, General Purpose School Fund, include:
* Increase in unreserved fund balance of $41,315.
* Property tax increase of $25,641.
* BEP-ARRA (American Recovery Reinvestment Act) transfer of $868,900 from teacher line item per state requirement.
This is an estimate of five percent of the state BEP with stimulus money. Next year, the amount of money may increase to ten percent.
* Transfer of $7,270 out of regular instruction equipment into ARRA.
* Money moved around in Reading First due to the grant running out.
* A $30,000 transfer into the vocational teacher line item due to the hiring of a certified teacher and CTE teachers.
* Equipment cost of $1,300 for three fans for the hog barns.
* A $10,000 increase in medical personnel.
* An increase of $2,000 for evaluating and testing.
* Moving around of money due to the SIG grant’s going away.
* Additional funds for substitute teachers in the Safe Schools Act plus instant-response training.
* An increase of $1,970 for the installation of security cameras at the adult high school.
* Increase in insurance for a new instructor and time for the alternative school.
* An increase of $8,400 for the special education maintenance agreement to provide software maintenance and support.
* An increase of $50,000 for legal services due to lawsuits against the board.
* An increase of $5,1000 for mowing.
* Decreases of $49,900, $60,000 and $10,000 for operation of plant electricity, natural gas and water and sewer.
* A $5,000 increase for pest control in treating schools in Sharon, Greenfield, Gleason and Martin for termites.
* A transportation equipment increase of $4,450 for buses.
* A controlled service increase of $25,000 for a completed project at Westview High School.
Highlights of Resolution 2010-49, Federal Projects Fund, include:
*The revenue addition of $20,815.36 as stimulus money.
* Reduction of $4,000 for educational assistants.
* Increase of $28,969 for equipment at Dresden High School.
Director of Schools Randy Frazier remarked that it had been a “good year as far as budgeting.”
He thanked former Director of Schools Richard Barber for his help and admitted that next year’s budget is in the developmental stages.
Next year’s budget contains no salary increases. Weakley County ranks 116th in the state in teacher salary and next to last in West Tennessee.
Frazier expressed his concern in these numbers as they relate to teacher turnover and the attraction of Weakley County to new teachers. He reported that the HEED and Finance, Ways and Means committees met Wednesday to uncover a solution.
“In revenue for next year, the BEP will be up, the preliminary funds will be up and the local revenue will be in good shape. The difference will be a retirement increase of $285,000,” Frazier reported. “Several grants are ending. Legal expenses will be a big cost. It’s a good budget,” he concluded.
The school board will meet for its July monthly meeting at 5 p.m. on July 1 at the Board of Education and will look at passing the FY 2010-11 budget at that time.
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