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Local company offering aid in oil spill clean up

Local company offering aid in oil spill clean up
From hotel beds to the bed of the ocean, a local company is in the process of shipping out mattress pads to aid more than just those who are sleeping.
With the recent television announcements by local plant manager Dan Chadwick, the Martin-based Residue Regency Pad Corporation will begin mass producing mattress pads large enough to be carried behind barges in the Gulf of Mexico.
The effort, is one to help BP officials clean up the oil that has been pushing up from the ocean floor for two months.
The product is known as the “Ocean Mop.” According to the company’s website, the ocean mop is designed to absorb oil at a rate of three gallons of oil per linear yard in just under 15 minutes.
The product is touted to absorb oil on the surface of water or land and it is designed to not sink.
“The more that is absorbed, the more buoyant it (Ocean Mop) becomes,” according to the local company’s website.
With the latest demand by the petroleum company to utilize the Ocean Mop, the local factory is now operating at full speed, with a need to hire more help.
“Of course, from what I have been told, this sounds great for everyone in Weakley County. I don’t think any of us know what the full impact of this announcement will be, but the idea of creating more jobs in this area is to be applauded,” Weakley County Economic Development Director Ronnie Price shared on Wednesday.
“I have to give him (Dan Chadwick) a lot of credit for being so innovative,” Price added.
State officials and Price plan to meet with Chadwick at the Residue Regency Pad Corporation on Public Wells Road today to offer assistance to the business.
“It’s great that we have a company that is doing something on such a large scale and someone of his (Chadwick’s) expertise right here in Martin. This is great news for our community,” Martin Mayor Randy Brundige said.
The first shipment of ocean mops were reportedly sent out on Wednesday. Applications for employment are being accepted at the plant in Martin.
WCP 6.24.10

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