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Letters to the WCP Editor – 6.24.10

Letters to the WCP Editor – 6.24.10

Posted: Friday, June 25, 2010 2:32 pm

To the Editor,
The Sons of American Legion, Squadron 55, would like to thank all those who supported our Poker Run and Gracin Davidson Benefit last Saturday.
Numerous local businesses, organizations and individuals selflessly donated their time, energy and money to make this event a rousing success so that Gracin can have a better life.
When we needed a police escort as 46 bikes rolled out from the American Legion Post 55 that morning, we knew this event was going to be huge.
As the day progressed, it kept getting bigger and bigger. When approximately 100 bikes returned to the American Legion, Post 55, that afternoon, we realized all the goals we had set for this benefit were going to be met or exceeded.
We are proud to announce that we raised $7,000 for The Gracin Davidson Foundation, and that amount will allow the Davidson family to purchase the necessary equipment to provide in-home treatments so that Gracin can have the quality of life she so richly deserves.
We would like to offer our sincerest gratitude to the following:
• Boosted Brad’s Chop Shop
• Don Smith of Lonesome Dove Auction Company
• Martin Police Department
• Martin Parks and Recreation
• Union City National Guard
• Old Haul bluegrass band
• McTees
• American Legion Auxiliary
• American Legion, District 9
• Weakley County Press
We would also like to thank all the motorcycle clubs and organizations that participated in the event:
• Rolling Thunder® TN Chapter 6
• Mid-South Riders
• S.O.B.’s
• Christian Riders
• Confederate Riders
Many other local businesses, far too many to mention, donated gift certificates for the benefit auction, and we are extremely grateful for their support.
The Sons of American Legion, Squadron 55, is extremely proud to serve the community with events such as this to assist those in need, but it could not have been done without immense support from friends and neighbors.
To all those involved, you have our deepest appreciation.
The Sons of American Legion, Squadron 55

To the Editor,
I have never written to the editor before, but after waking up in the middle of the night with pictures in my mind of the beautiful creatures drenched in oil, and the marshes and the gulf area an oily mess, I was prompted to write.
After watching numerous television channels carrying coverage of this, I have heard the same thing from each one. The government won’t allow foreign vessels in our waters to help with the clean up.
Thirteen international ships, all ready from day one, that have the capacity and expertise to skim the oil off the water have been told no.
They have been used in other countries successfully for this very purpose. Our government won’t allow these ships in, because of the “Jones Act.” Look it up. This act was waived during Hurricane Katrina.
If our government was concerned about this devastation, why wouldn’t they have done the same? It has been over two months and nothing has been done.
Maybe it’s because they don’t want to upset a certain group of people who played a large part in getting Obama elected.
A true leader should put aside politics in a time such as this and do what is best for his country. I see no leadership here. I am afraid they have let this situation get out of control. The people in the gulf have been begging for help, and the leader who took an oath to protect this country has let them down.
He is trying to use this catastrophe to pass his cap and trade agenda. I am appalled and afraid that we don’t have someone in the White House looking out for our country.
They need help down there. Put aside the partisan politics and do what is best. It looks like Nero fiddles while Rome burns.
Janice Amberg

To the Editor,
I attended Dresden High School until I was a senior. I became pregnant at a young age and needed some help.
A teacher at Dresden High School referred me to the Adult Learning Center to finish up my education. Therefore, I enrolled in the Adult Learning Center and decided it was and continues to be a great place or students like me.
After I had my son, I had to take a leave, but they still allowed me to come back and finish up my credits. Finally, I finished up my education because of the staff at the Adult Learning Center.
Mrs. Shirley Callis is the teacher that helped me through it all. I can now move on to college as I had planned in the past and live my dreams.
As a student at the Adult Library Center, I believe that this facility can provide a great opportunity for others who may be going through similar problems as I did. I hope they can get a second chance at their education.
I know that this place was a miracle for me.
Patricia L. King
WCP 6.24.10


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