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JMC extends comment period for Milan arsenal

JMC extends comment period for Milan arsenal
Rock Island, Ill. – The U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command (JMC) has extended the review and comment period on its Milan Army Ammunition Plant (AAP) draft Environmental Assessment, published and distributed at libraries in Huntingdon, Jackson and Milan, Tennessee and online at
The public comment period now ends July 26, 2010.  This extension allows additional time for the public to comment while taking into consideration the requirements of the Army for sustainment of production for the munitions identified for transition to Iowa Army Ammunition Plant. 
It also serves the public interests in assuring the process moves forward and ensures that all public interests are reviewed.
The environmental assessment is of the environmental and socio-economic impacts that may result in the vicinity of Milan AAP from the Army’s award of a contract to American Ordnance LLC (AO) for the operation of Milan and Iowa AAPs. 
JMC will publish a separate EA on the impacts in the vicinity of Iowa AAP, Middletown, Iowa, later this year.
In January 2008, JMC issued a competitive request for proposals for the operation and maintenance of both plants.  In its proposal, AO proposed to relocate production of munitions and subassemblies from Milan AAP to Iowa AAP. 
These items include the 40-millimeter family of munitions, M-112 Demo Block, Mine Clearing Line Charge, Spider, 60mm and 81mm mortars, and mortar components.
Additionally, AO contractually committed to redeveloping Milan AAP as a commercial logistics center, while maintaining certain military capabilities there.
After reviewing all offers, JMC selected this approach as the best value.
Interested parties are invited to mail their written comments on the EA to: Milan Army Ammunition Plant; Highway 104 East, Suite 1; ATTN: Environmental Assessment; Milan, Tennessee 38358, or email them to: 
Depleted Uranium demilitarization equipment from Iowa AAP will move to Milan AAP under this contract. 
No DU demilitarization operations are planned or included in the current contract with American Ordnance.
Editor’s note: A fact sheet regarding depleted uranium was also sent to accompany this press release from the Joint Munitions Command. Due to space constraints, the fact sheet can be viewed exclusively on The Press’s website at
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