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Governor says keep jobs in, nuclear waste out

Governor says keep jobs in, nuclear waste out
Gov. Phil Bredesen said Tuesday that he would work with State Sen. Lowe Finney (D-Jackson) and other federal and state lawmakers to keep more than 500 ammunition production jobs at the Milan Arsenal.
Bredesen has brought thousands of jobs to this state, and he told me today that he is just as intent in keeping them here,  Finney said after wrapping up a Monday afternoon conference call with Governor Phil Bredesen and other state officials regarding the arsenal.  An Army proposal would move the jobs to Iowa and replace them with depleted uranium to be stored at the Milan facility.
“The exchange is an unfair one for Gibson and Carroll counties, which are already suffering with double-digit unemployment.”
“Here you have rural counties that could use some help, and now they re talking about taking away more jobs,”  Finney said. 
“I’m not going to sit back and let that happen. We need to show that we are serious about keeping these jobs.” 
Bredesen told state officials Monday that he would submit a letter of support during public debate on the matter to keep the jobs at the Milan Arsenal.
Bredesen also said he will ask for a new and improved environmental impact study, to be conducted by an independent third party. Lawmakers have roundly criticized a previous study for its lack of detail and an apparent conflict of interest concerning the company that prepared the study. They were also critical of claims that storing nuclear waste at the facility would bring jobs back to the area.
“No one wants this facility to be used as a dumping ground, especially at the expense of so many good paying jobs,” Finney said. 
“I’m glad Governor Bredesen will help spearhead our state’s efforts at keeping these jobs in West Tennessee.” 
Sen. Lowe Finney represents Madison, Carroll and Gibson Counties. Contact him at or (615) 741-1810.
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