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Bredesen endorsing McWherter for governor

Bredesen endorsing McWherter for governor
Nashville – Wednesday, before a standing room-only crowd of supporters at Swett’s Restaurant in Nashville, Governor Phil Bredesen officially announced his endorsement of Jackson businessman Mike McWherter to succeed him as Tennessee’s next governor.
“I have spent the past eight years working to make Tennessee a better place to raise a family and operate a business, and I believe Mike McWherter is the candidate best suited to build on this foundation,” said Governor Phil Bredesen.
“Mike’s background as a small business owner gives him the personal perspective and experience he needs to move our state forward, particularly during these tough economic times. He understands what it takes to make a payroll, to provide health insurance to working families and to create new jobs from scratch.
“I believe Mike is the most qualified candidate in this race and I look forward helping him win in November.”
Mike McWherter owns and operates a small distributorship in Jackson, where he lives with his wife and their two children. From the day he announced his decision to run for governor last summer, McWherter has primarily focused on creating Tennessee jobs by providing small businesses tax breaks for creating new jobs. 
“When Governor Bredesen took the oath of office, Tennessee was on the verge of bankruptcy, and because of his steady judgment, willingness to make tough decisions, and commitment to fiscal responsibility, Tennessee weathered that crisis. 
“That took leadership, it took doing the right thing, not the political thing and that’s the kind of governor I will be.” said Mike McWherter.
“As I have travelled to all 95 counties, I have seen first-hand how much Tennesseans value Governor Bredesen’s commitment to problem solving rather than folding to the politics of usual.
“I appreciate and share this style of leadership and as governor I will uphold these principles, putting the best interests of Tennesseans above those of special interests and partisan politics.”
Following the announcement, McWherter rolled up his sleeves and went to work bussing tables and washing dishes at Swett’s as he made another stop on his Mike Works! Tour.
The Mike Works! Tour is an initiative launched several weeks ago that provides McWherter the chance to work alongside small business owners and employees across state giving him the opportunity to learn more about the issues and challenges facing working families across Tennessee.
WCP 6.24.10

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