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Plain Talk – 6.22.10

Plain Talk – 6.22.10

Posted: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:31 am
By: Nicolle Crist, Guest Columnist

Finally, there is something Democrats and Republicans agree on. at least two TN-District 8 Congressional candidates agree that turning Northwest Tennessee into a nuclear waste dump is is a bad idea.
Last week, State Sen. Herron made local headlines because he says he will aggressively work to protect the 500-plus jobs at the Milan Arsenal and work feverishly to prevent it from being turned into a nuclear waste dump.
Since farmer Stephen Fincher seems to be the favorite son of the National Republican Party and the likely candidate for our district in the fall, I called his office for his position on this issue.
The young man on the phone sounded as if I was not the first person to call about this and confirmed that candidate Fincher is also against nuclear waste dumps and lost jobs in Milan.
Funny how an election year gives license to abandon all of that pesky “free market” conservatism.
Sorry if I sound cynical this week, but two politicians agreeing that a nuclear waste dump on a fault line in an active earthquake zone is a bad idea is about as stunning as a joint statement saying, “puppies are cute.” I’ll believe it when I see it.
The decisions we’ve made about the condition of our land, water and air are astounding. Politicians argue over the national debt while oil is spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and we have no way to stop it and no way to clean up what has already made it ashore.
All that talk about big government doesn’t seem to make much sense now that we actually have a catastrophe to clean up. Perhaps if someone had been “minding the store,” the oil wouldn’t be forcing small businesses into bankruptcy.
Perhaps if we had invested in research, we would have better ideas than a “junk shots.” Of course, one politician’s investment is another politician’s “pork.”
The cycle of dishonesty continues until ultimately, the people are left holding the bag after decades of neglect. And this is how we treat oil, something of value. How do you think we’re going to treat nuclear waste, something of no intrinsic value to anyone?
Sen. Lamar Alexander has repeatedly told us that nuclear power is safe and cheap. He’ll tell you that the Europeans have been using it for decades, but he won’t tell you that Italy is exporting it’s nuclear waste to Tennessee.
Yes, that safe and cheap energy comes with a toxic by-product that the Italians don’t want to keep around. Why do they think of the beautiful state of Tennessee as a logical dumping ground?
Because apparently the rest of the Tennessee Republican Party hasn’t caught up with candidate Fincher.
Seven Republican State Senators and Representative voted against a bill in committee that would ban the importation and storage of foreign nuclear waste into Tennessee (SB2735 & HB2826).
Yes folks, our Republican majority state legislature not only wants to dump the rest of the countries’ nuclear waste in our back yard but they want to be the dumping ground for the rest of the world, too.
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