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A Crusader’s View – 6.22.10

A Crusader’s View – 6.22.10

Posted: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:32 am
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

“Milan is all a ‘glow’ this time of year?!?!”
Hello once again! With a truly local subject I write to you this week. However local it may be, it only proves the sheer amount of alleged ‘faux pas’ coming from our Commander-in-Chief.
With a Special to The Press last week, many of us learned about the Army’s speculative plan of moving Milan Tennessee’s arsenal and ammunition manufacturing outfit to Iowa, costing our vicinity many jobs.
But wait! There’s more! Along with this seemingly terrible plan of losing about 600 jobs, the Army has stated that it wants to use the plant and the rest of the federally owned property to start something that has the potential of being catastrophic to say the least – glorious nuclear waste dump!
Well, ‘glorious’ is the picture the military powers are trying to paint for us. I must say, “not even close!”
In an unprecedented move, local senators and representatives on both sides of the aisle are furious at the advent of such a life-changing plan for the people of Milan as well as all of West Tennessee.
One of the most outspoken against is Sen. Roy Herron. He was quoted recently saying about this plan, “For us to trade 600 jobs for a nuclear waste dump is terribly wrong and would be a generational black eye that would cost us thousands of jobs over time.”
To make my opinions known on this subject, I absolutely agree with Senator Herron, as well as others who are united against this idea to turn Milan into a “test tube” city.
Why I say test tube is because I do not believe that any nuclear materials should be stored, transported to or fro, or used in ANY densely populated area such as Milan. They should be in uninhabited areas ONLY!
If a radioactive event happened, even a slight one, it would greatly affect the population of a 50-mile radius. A 50-mile radius from Milan would include Jackson, Humboldt, Dresden, as well as Martin.
Imagine thousands of people simultaneously diagnosed with things like cancer, liver damage, respiratory damage and/or arrest to name a few.
Our drinking waters would be poisoned, as well as our crops and our food supply tainted by a wave of micro-fine radioactive dusts and other particulates.
These dusts can travel great distances with just a simple breeze and one idiot worker.
This plan, in my opinion, would be devastating to Gibson County. It also, I believe, would eventually cause widespread health problems such as cancer to unsuspecting, normally healthy people.
The Obama administration wants to control your health through ObamaCare. Now, it maybe that the Commander-in-Chief over our Army wants to make people sick!
To be truthful, it is unclear whether our elected leader has been briefed on the situation in Milan or not.
But, one thing that I do know is President Obama has the executive power to stop this plan from ever taking place.
However, if Obama’s intervention skills in the Gulf of Mexico are an indicator of how he will ultimately handle Milan as Commander-in Chief of our American Army,
I don’t think there will be any need for Milan residents to buy fireworks next year, because Milan will already be glowing a nice shade of ‘radioactive green.’
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