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Budget discussions dominate meeting of Troy mayor, aldermen

Budget discussions dominate meeting of Troy mayor, aldermen

Posted: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 9:30 pm
By: Donna Ryder, Associate Editor

Associate Editor
It’s budget time.
Troy Mayor Jimmie Hart informed the board of aldermen Monday night he is working on the budget for fiscal year 2010-11. He said he still needs to get the final figures at the end of the month.
The board will need to pass a continuing budget at the next meeting until he can complete the budget, he added.
In the meantime, the board approved several amendments to the 2009-10 budget. It takes into account increased and decreased expenditures, as well as revenues.
Alderman Ralph Wheat-ley said the local sales taxes are not as bad as he had expected.
Hart said the drop is because of the loss of the E.W. James grocery store, which burned on Halloween in 2009. Although the owners quickly located another building and reopened, the smaller store does not generate as many sales as the larger store did before it burned, Hart said.
Alderman Gene Gurien said work is coming along on the inside of the new grocery store building.
“I think they will be in by the fall,” the mayor said. “It will be a nice store, a little bigger than the old one. Everything will be brand new. It really will be a nice store.”
In other business, the board:
• Learned the maintenance shop is moving along. Hart said the board should start to see some activity.
• Agreed to allow the town to sell an old ’70s model brush truck when it sells an additional six vehicles. Sealed bids are being accepted.
• Received certificates for attending the recent University of Tennessee Elected Officials School in Dyersburg. Hart said state officials were complimentary of the town, which sent all but one of its aldermen to the workshop.
Hart said he was told at a recent Mayors’ Roundtable that the school goes toward the town’s training hours, which are a benefit when applying for grants.
• Deleted a utility bill from the books. The person who owes the bill no longer lives in Troy and cannot be located. The trailer she was living in was repossessed, the mayor said.
• Received a list of employees and their salaries.
• Briefly discussed the availability of parks grants.
• Learned at least one resident has had an election sign taken from his yard.
• Discussed areas on Hart and Baker streets which need some attention.
• Was informed there is a Tennessee One Call meeting today. Phil Green is planning on attending, he told the board. “There are so many utilities in the ground now, it’s dangerous to dig in your own yard,” Hart said.
Alderman Jesse White-sides was absent.
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Published in The Messenger 6.22.10


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