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UT Martin names local students to spring semester dean’s list

UT Martin names local students to spring semester dean’s list

Posted: Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:06 pm

The Press 6.17.10 The outstanding academic achievements of undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee at Martin have been honored with publication of the Spring 2010 Dean’s Lists for the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, College of Business and Global Affairs, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.
To be eligible for dean’s list recognition at UT Martin, a student must take at least 12 hours of credit (pass-fail courses are not included) and achieve a 3.2 (B) grade point average based on a 4.0 scale.
Students can make the dean’s list with honors (3.2 through 3.49), high honors (3.5 through 3.79) or highest honors (3.8 through 4.0).
 UT Martin is a comprehensive public university that maintains an excellent reputation for its high-quality undergraduate programs, its beautiful campus and caring professors.
Dresden – Riley E. Auvenshine, High Honors; Debra J. Barker, High Honors; Lauren K. Barker, Honors; Jennifer T. Beaty, High Honors; Brittany L. Bullock, Honors; Justin L. Cochran, Highest Honors; Stacey L. Darden, Highest Honors; Justin N. Davidson, Highest Honors; Christina P. Dilday, High Honors; Brittany E. Duggin, Highest Honors; Orrin T. Eaves, Highest Honors; April D. Edenfield, High Honors; Amber E. Elliott, Highest Honors; Lacey M. Ellis, Highest Honors; Shannon E. Fisher, Honors; Mercy M. Ford, High Honors; Erica E. Glisson, High Honors; Derrick E. Hansen, Honors; Justin B. Hatler, High Honors; Bonnie A. Hickman, High Honors; Lacie C. Kelley, High Honors; Jennifer L. Kemp, Highest Honors; Sarah A. McAlpin, Highest Honors; Ted W. McWherter, Highest Honors; Emily S. Moon, Highest Honors; Brittany D. Morgan, Honors; Charles R. Nichols, High Honors; Shonna R. Parker, Honors; Allison L. Paschall, Highest Honors; Lucy M. Redmond, Honors; Scarlett L. Reynolds, High Honors; Matthew A. Thomas, Highest Honors, Ben M. Walker, Highest Honors; James B. Whaley, High Honors and Brandon K. Williams, Honors.
Dukedom – Amy L. Bailey, Highest Honors; Joshua S. Pirtle, High Honors and Elisabeth A. Tompkins, Honors.
Gleason –  Lacy D. Arnold, Highest Honors; Megan R. Crider, Honors; Erica B. Dilday, High Honors; Andrew R. Francisco, Honors; Jessica D. McKinney, Honors; Spencer K. Morse, Honors; Graham J. Oliver, Highest Honors; Evan J. Orr, Honors; Maylon Price, Honors; Katie L. Snider, Honors; Stacy W. Thompson, High Honors; Adam R. Vaughan, High Honors; James A. Verdell, High Honors; Joshua B. Verdell, High Honors and Cassie H. Wilson, High Honors.
Greenfield – Jennifer M. Bethel, Highest Honors; Barbara A. Bridgewater, High Honors; Cassie R. Chapel, Honors; Erica L. Collins, Honors; Arlene V. Cooper, Honors; Timothy M. Dehart, High Honors; Tiffany B. Frazier, Highest Honors; Derek A. Galey, Honors; Taren P. Hatcher, Honors; Kristan D. Jennings, Highest Honors; Clayton J. King, High Honors; Angie J. Land, High Honors; Michael C. Maggard, Highest Honors; Allister R. McAlister, Honors; Nicii R. McAlister, Highest Honors, Kelsey L. McDonald, Honors; Clint A. Mealer, High Honors, Emily L. Medling, Highest Honors; Natalie L. Medling, High Honors; Dee A. Mitchell, Highest Honors; Alyse A. Page, Highest Honors; Kelsey L. Potts, High Honors; Allison E. Puckett, High Honors; Hannah G. Rawls, Honors; Brandi M. Rogers, High Honors; Joshua D. Rotger, High Honors; Kandi N. Sawyers, Highest Honors; Anna M. Usery, High Honors and Samantha E. Wills, High Honors.
Martin – Emily A. Adams, Honors; Melissa J. Adams, Highest Honors; Abdullah Albrahim, Highest Honors; Mustafa A. Alhanabi, Honors; Amanda K. Allen, Honors; Ali Almutawa, High Honors; Areej H. Alsalboukh, Honors; Derek R. Barner, High Honors; Tara A. Bea, High Honors; Magen L. Beard, Honors; Amanda L. Bell, High Honors; Emily A. Belote, High Honors; Lindsey B. Blankenship, Highest Honors; Amanda M. Borah, Honors; Christy N. Bondurant, Honors; Kathryne A. Bowen, Honors; Corey T. Brock, High Honors; Charles A. Brubaker, High Honors; Sarah E. Brunstad, Highest Honors; Clisty L. Buie, Honors; Lauren N. Burress, Highest Honors; Charles R. Cavin, Highest Honors; Kayla A. Cazenave, Highest Honors; Allison M. Clayton, Honors; Scott E. Coleman, Highest Honors; John A. Collins, High Honors; Stacy L. Connor, Honors; Michelle A. Cooper, High Honors; Joseph D. Copeland, Honors; Gregory R. Curd, Honors; Richelle L. Daniels, High Honors; Cory S. Davis, High Honors; Rachel N. Dennis, High Honors; Jennifer L. DeYeso, Highest Honors; Jacob K. Dixon, Honors; Misty L. Dunlap, Highest Honors; Natalie E. Dunning, Honors; James C. Eisterhold, High Honors; Kevin L. Elliott, Honors; James W. Edwards, Highest Honors; Kayla R. Evans, Martin, TN  38237, Highest Honors; Lauren E. Fleener, Highest Honors; Anna E. Frederick, Honors; Christopher T. Fowler, Highest Honors; Lisa K. Franklin, High Honors; Victor O. Fulton, Honors; Abbie M. Fuqua, Highest Honors; Kassyndra L. Gadlen, High Honors; Amy P. Gardner, Honors; Ryan C. Garner, High Honors; Kesley J. Gibson, Honors; Jennifer N. Gilbertson, Honors; Jessica N. Greer, Honors; Justin W. Griffin, Honors; Ashley A. Grimes, High Honors; Laura N. Gullett, Highest Honors; Chris Gunlefinger, High Honors; Dahlia M. Haddad, High Honors; Cynthia A. Hahn, Highest Honors; Europe L. Hall, Highest Honors;Nathan L. Hammond, High Honors; Toby W. Hammond, Honors; Kevin D. Harris, Honors; Walter R. Harris, Highest Honors; David M. Hatchel, High Honors; Casey M. Henson, High Honors; Heather M. Henuber, High Honors; Thomas H. Hester, Highest Honors; Heather L. Higgs, Highest Honors; Stephanie C. Holmes, High Honors; Lacey M. Howard, High Honors; Lenetta R. Humphrey, Honors; Justin C. Hunt, Highest Honors; Bethany L. Ivy, Highest Honors; Jason A. Jackson, High Honors; Samantha A. Jarvis, Honors; Jennifer K. Johnson, Honors; Jeremy J. Johnson, High Honors; Theresa L. Kimmy, Highest Honors; Jake R. King, Highest Honors; Caitlyn P. Landry, Honors; Marlena D. Landry, Highest Honors; Brian A. Lapierre, Highest Honors; Paige M. Laurie, Honors; Becky L. Lee, High Honors; Brady S. Legens, Highest Honors; Joshua S. Lemons, High Honors; Loren K. Mallari, High Honors; Melisa A. Manuel, High Honors; Eliana Martinez, High Honors; Rickey L. Mask, High Honors; Steve R. McAlister, Honors; Kristin D. McCloud, Honors; Jeffery D. McDaniel, High Honors; Katherine A. McKeel, Highest Honors; Erica C. Miller, High Honors; Kevin L. Miller, Honors; Robert H. Mitchell, Highest Honors; Sara A. Mitchell, Honors; Harrison F. Moore, Honors; Maci W. Mount, Highest Honors; Whitney B. Mount, High Honors; Ezra F. Nance, Highest Honors; Adam P. Nelson, High Honors; Ashley N. Newton, High Honors; Amy B. Olds, Honors; Audrey E. Osment, Honors; Emily Osment, High Honors; Alexander W. Parham, Highest Honors; Bret A. Parham, Honors; Punam Patel, High Honors; Zalak V. Patel, Highest Honors; Jonalee S. Payne, Honors; Ronald C. Peckham, Highest Honors; Suzanne M. Peckham, Honors; Stevee N. Pentecost, High Honors; Sheena L. Pitcher, High Honors; William T. Price, High Honors; Joshua D. Pullen, Honors; Angela D. Reddick, High Honors; Amy L. Roberts, Highest Honors; James M. Roberts, Honors; Jeremy L. Robertson, Highest Honors; Lauren B. Robertson, Honors; Malarie A. Rogers, High Honors; Angela D. Sams, Highest Honors; Michael P. Schaeffer, Honors; Caitlin E. Simpson, Highest Honors; Lynsey D. Sinclair, High Honors; Brent J. Smolen, High Honors; Heather M. Sowell, Highest Honors; Stan F. Suiter, Highest Honors; Madison A. Tate, Highest Honors; Christopher K. Taylor, Honors; Lauren E. Taylor, High Honors; Kyle A. Thweatt, Highest Honors; Carly R. Unger, Highest Honors; Elizabeth G. Unger, Highest Honors; Mary K. Unger, Highest Honors; Robert C. Unger, High Honors; Laura K. Vaughn, Highest Honors; Hunter T. Vincent, High Honors; Lindsey R. Wade, High Honors; Phillip R. Wade, Highest Honors; Jennifer L. Walker, High Honors; Hillary J. Watson, Honors; Stanton T. Watson, Highest Honors; Ronnie Webb, Honors; Katherine A. West, Honors; Latoya D. White, Honors; Cory A. Wilcox, Honors; Harlin G. Wilkin, Honors; Rachel E. Wilkinson, Highest Honors; Lauren E. Wilson, High Honors; Brad E. Winter, High Honors; Lauren P. Witherspoon, Honors; Megan L. Witherspoon, Highest Honors; Breanne Wright, Highest Honors; Michael S. Yandell, Highest Honors and Natoshia M. Yap, Honors.
Palmersville – Jannie E. Reed, Palmersville, High Honors.
Sharon – Chadwick M. Brewer, Highest Honors; Glenn A. Butkovic, Honors; Amber N. Carson, Highest Honors; Amy E. Edwards, High Honors; Barbara P. Ferrell, Highest Honors; Matthew L. Fitzgerald, Highest Honors; Brittany L. Gilbert, Highest Honors; Kayla L. Heisler, Honors; Derek T. Johnson, Honors; Tonya E. Jordan, High Honors; Brandi A. Long, High Honors; Kimberly A. Thomas, Highest Honors; Krystal A. Wood, High Honors and Allison J. Zdrojewski-Johns, Honors.


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