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Herron opposes nuclear waste plan

Herron opposes nuclear waste plan
Roy Herron Monday said he would fight every effort to make West Tennessee a nuclear waste dump.
“My family has called West Tennessee home since 1819. I was born for this fight,” Herron said.
“My deep roots are here, experience as an attorney and work as a legislator have prepared me for this battle. If they want nuclear waste in West Tennessee, they will have to dump it over my dead body.”
“This is an outrage. Let’s not sell our souls for a handful of jobs and the official designation as a nuclear waste dump. This a bad deal for Weakley County and a bad deal for Tennessee.”
The federal government is investigating moving 550 jobs from the Milan Army Ammunition Plant to Iowa and converting the Milan facility to store nuclear waste.
“Just moving the manufacturing of munitions out of the Milan plant would cost us 550 jobs on day one,” Herron said.
“Turning West Tennessee into a nuclear waste dump would be a generational black eye that over time will cost us thousands of jobs.”
Herron said he is the only 8th Congressional District candidate with the experience to be effective in fighting the nuclear waste dump. “This issue is too important to trust to untested, untried, unproven novices who don’t understand the legislative process,” Herron said. “As a citizen legislator, I know how to fight the kind of extended legislative battle required to stop this disastrous proposal. I have prepared myself to fight this battle for my neighbors and our neighborhoods.”
Herron said putting a nuclear waste dump near Milan would affect all of West Tennessee.
“Other states’ nuclear waste would come to Tennessee over our roads and rail roads. We don’t need nuclear waste coming through our communities,” Herron said. “If you love West Tennessee and believe in our future, then join me in fighting this proposal.”
WCP 6.15.10