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A Crusader’s View – 6.15.10

A Crusader’s View – 6.15.10

Posted: Thursday, June 17, 2010 1:28 pm
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

“What ever happened to ‘open shame’?”
Hello once again! This week’s subject is one that is almost unseen on “A Crusader’s View.”
Instead of hashing over politics or major news stories, this subject is of a more personal nature.
However personal it may be, it is met with widespread, if not worldwide, implications.
According to a June 2, CNN article titled, “Teens having sex: Numbers staying steady,” it states that almost half of all American teenagers today (age 15 to 19) have had sex at least once.
According to the same article more than 30 percent of just the boys alone, that raised their hands in agreement to this question have had two or more different sexual partners.
Also in this article, it states that even though there is a greater use of condoms and other forms of so-called protection, our birth rate among unwed teens is the highest in the entire world – which is one and a half times greater than our closest competitor, the UK!  
They also found that teenage girls in the ‘15-19’ age group still have higher Chlamydia and gonorrhea rates than any other age group.To fill you in, almost half of all new sexually transmitted diseases are in teens and young adults (ages 15 to 24).    
Hey parents!
You might be startled to learn nearly a quarter of boys and girls who have had sex said they would be “pleased” if they got pregnant or got a partner pregnant. And a majority of 64 percent of males and 71 percent of females still in their teenage years felt it was “ok” to have a child out of wedlock.
To make my opinions fully known on this subject:
First of all, I do NOT believe that CNN is a ‘trusted’ news source as they constantly advertise. However, in looking upon this article and looking upon America’s horizon, I fully believe it.
If any of you reading this are seemingly upset or shocked by these stats, all I can say is, “What do you expect?”
We live in a ‘sex saturated’ society where children turn on the TV to see ‘simulated’ sex or other innuendo on almost every program. Children look in our aisles at the grocery store to see ‘photographed’ sex.
Children turn on our radios to hear songs of sexual ‘praise and worship’ by so-called ‘big stars’ who usually fade into nothingness within a year. And sadly, many sit with dumb-struck idiocy and wonder why the 13-year-old girl next door is pregnant or their 16-year-old son needs antibiotics!  
In closing I would just like to say, whatever happened to ‘open shame’? It used to be a mark of shame for either boys or girls to have sex outside of marriage. If you were ‘with child’ and unmarried, it used to be that people shunned you or avoided you. Why?
Because there was a time in which people actually cared their own body and what God, as well as their peers thought of them!
Putting God back into the equation and ‘open shame’ are the best contraceptives of them all!
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