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First State Bank offers ‘greener’ Martin location

First State Bank offers ‘greener’ Martin location
First State Bank offers 'greener' Martin location | First State Bank, Bert Bush
A ‘GRAND’ OPENING – Community members and First State Bank customers enjoyed a “grand” grand opening of FSB’s newest location on University Street in Martin Tuesday afternoon. Facilities manager (right) Bert Bush and finance team member Jay Barron mix and mingle during the event, which was catered by Sodexo. The new facility incorporates a “greener” concept than ordinary constructions.

The process to build a larger, “greener” headquarters in Martin was years in the making, but after Monday, that goal has come to fruition for First State Bank.
During a grand opening celebration that brought an incredibly packed house Tuesday afternoon to the new location on University Street in Martin, FSB CEO John Clark explained that the process to expand was a three-party process involving the business, Central Baptist Church and the City of Martin.
“Weakley County is where we began. Through the help of our customers, we have seen significant growth and progress. Our University Street location has become our busiest location,” Clark noted.
Under the roofs of the new 26,000-square feet location, the banking, insurance, investment and finance departments are integrated into one location.
While the spacious building seems to encompass all of the needs of the FSB customers, the process to get to this point came as a challenging task for facilities manager Bert Bush.
Bush spent many hours coordinating with the contractors and engineers to step into the latest trend of “green” constructions. To see the finished product, those challenges were worth the wait.
According to Bush, the initial paving project incorporated “pervious” pavement that limits the disruption of the natural hydrology and increases on-site filtration.
“When it rains, it drains,” Bush said of the pervious pavement that actually absorbs moisture underground and carries it into the “rain garden” at the back of the 3-acre property.
The landscape itself throughout the property consists of native or adaptive plant materials which require less fertilization and less water.
Bush added that all of the ornamental beds on the property use a drip irrigation system, reducing the amount of potable water.
“We really wanted to go green with this project,” Bush said.
As for the architectural design of the building, the building utilizes high “R” value insulation designed to reduce utility costs. Every window is tinted and there appears to be an overabundance of windows.
Bush said the many windows allows more natural lighting and less dependency on artificial lighting throughout.
Ten percent of the materials used in construction were recycled materials.
UTM Recycles! was a key partner in eliminating the amount of waste during the construction and moving process. Members of the local recycle group picked up the refuse from the location during the process for recycle.
The building also utilizes a variable air volume and variable capacity HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.
The HVAC system responds to the demands of the building matching it to the load requirements.
Bush explained the system is designed with a two-degree variation, which cannot exceed or drop below two degrees of 70 degrees.
“Our goal with this project was to use as many local suppliers as we possibly could,” Bush shared.
The energy efficient appliances were purchased from Sharon Furniture and Appliances in Sharon.
The “green” office furniture throughout the building was purchased from Office Products in Martin and E and H Refrigeration of Martin supplied the HVAC system and installation.
To continue with the “green” theme, all restrooms use motion sensor faucets and toilets as well as occupancy lighting.
Bush agreed those features were also good sanitary measures.
After meeting with architects, engineers and contractors, the final product is something to be proud of.
Bush joked that this is probably his last time choosing paint colors and decor for a while.
Customers will also notice local photographs gracing the walls of the new building.
Those photos were taken by marketing director, Mitsi Witherspoon.
Other notables for the project included architect Ginger French and civil engineer Travis Martin of TLM Associates in Jackson.
The construction of the property was handled by Forcum-Lannom.
The new location also houses a second-floor community room for community members to utilize for receptions, gatherings and other social events.
Call FSB at 587-9561 for reservations or additional information.
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