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Dresden opts out of funding for county nursing home hydrant upgrade

Dresden opts out of funding for county nursing home hydrant upgrade
After months of conducting research and discussion, the Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen entered a verdict on the Weakley County Nursing Home water pressure Monday night during their June monthly meeting.
In previous meetings, it was revealed that the fire hydrants located near the nursing home do not have adequate water pressure to handle an ongoing structure fire.
Suggestions were made that the four-inch water line be changed to a six-inch line. In meetings held previous to these suggestions and before findings were made, the board attempted to annex the nursing home area up through the Sharon Highway at the Highway 22 intersection into the Dresden city limits.
Several residents protested this, however, saying they did not wish to be placed on city services.
At this month’s meeting, David McBride, administrator of the Weakley County Nursing Home, came with a request that the nursing home would offer $30,000 towards changing the four-inch line to a six-inch line if the city would pay the remaining amount from the total of $80,271.25.
This was a proposed figure from Marbury Construction given last fall.
“The nursing home board is in agreement that this will benefit the facility, but we feel like the facility shouldn’t pay the whole price. We feel that $30,000 is a fair offer,” McBride explained.
“When we did this study, several residents stated that they didn’t want services from the City of Dresden. More than once,” Mayor Danny Forrester reminded.
“The county asked us to do a study and we did and now it’s back to you. The ball is in your court.”
When several aldermen agreed with Forrester’s sentiments, a motion was made and passed that if another entity in the county wanted to hook up to the city water line, it would be allowed.
On the same token, Public Works Director Kerry Cooper reported that it would cost $87,709.59 to fix the water pressure in the Red Hill area.
This figure does not include labor and engineering fees.
In other business, the board listened to representatives from three different financial institutions with credit card proposals.
Representatives from BancorpSouth, Advanced Payment Solutions out of Nashville and First State Bank explained their plans and fielded questions from board members.
Forrester explained that the payment option is intended to be a convenience for citizens and will help the city get the money in a more timely fashion.
He appointed aldermen Dick Tidwell, Donnie Essary and Jake Bynum to look over the information and report back the findings to the board.
Next month, health insurance representatives will present proposals.
Carrying over from last month, the board passed Trash Can Ordinance 2010-03 on its second and final reading.
The ordinance incorporates commercially-zoned areas into the existing residential ordinance that prohibits prolonged placement of waste and garbage cans in close proximity to public streets.
Rounding out unfinished business, the board voted to table passing the 2010-11 budget until the July monthly meeting.
Additionally, a motion was approved for a continuation budget that will be one-twelfth operating.
This was approved based on the fact that state funding has yet to be received.
In employee’s reports, Cooper shared that sidewalk repairs are beginning this week with blacktopping scheduled for West Main Street today (Thursday).
Well No. 3 is currently in the process of being installed, the starter for the engine has come in and the generator is expected to be delivered Friday and hooked up by Vaughn Electric. It was also announced that Fastenal, a business specializing in fasteners and snaps, will be moving into the old Dollar General building on July 1.
Toya Bell of the Dresden Police Department gave a report on updated collected balances over the last four years. She reported that, of 76 citations on the last court docket on May 18, only five people have not paid.
She attributes this to the fact that offenders have 10 days to pay or risk being turned over to the state.
Parks and recreation director David Beaty reported that little league is wrapping up with a tournament or two expected in the near future.
He will meet with a committee to decide about having a soccer field behind the Dresden Middle School.
Fire chief Paul Hutcherson reported that hydrant flowing is reaching conclusion with less than 60 hydrants to go.
The information will be collected and the hydrants will be color coded based on the information.
A barrier will be placed around the hydrant at the corner of Cedar and Main as it has been run over twice this year.
In new business, the board approved the Call for Election. The city election will take place on Nov. 2 with a qualifying deadline of Aug. 19. The position of mayor and three alderman seats are up for election.
The next meeting of the City of Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, July 12.     
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