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Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 8:01 pm

Show respect for gravesites
To The Editor:
This letter is to whomever is “borrowing” flowers from my son’s grave site at East View Cemetery in Union City.
This is not the first time his flowers have disappeared, only one of many.
I want you to know something about this person you are “borrowing” from. His name is Denver Scott Driver. He died suddenly after a short illness at age 32, on April 10, 2002.
His short life was not always happy, but he loved life and his family. He wasn’t famous or rich, but he was my only son and I love and miss him very much.
I honor his memory by keeping beautiful flowers at his grave. You know the one. It’s the monument with bowling pins and a Tennessee “T” on it.
Please show him and his family some respect and leave my symbol of love for him at his grave.
Thank you.
Debby Johnson
South Fulton

Thanks offered
to ‘neighbors’

To The Editor:
I want to send “Thanks” regarding the high quality and effectiveness of the Union City “Neighborhood Watch” regarding the quick action taken regarding the possible loss of building materials at the recent Habitat home build.
“Thanks” are certainly due to Police Chief Joe Garner for urging citizens to be diligent and watchful regarding the protection of neighborhood homes nearby them and, most certainly, “thanks” are in order for the homeowners who resided near our present Obion County Habitat for Humanity new home construction which was in progress.
Those “neighbors” were diligent and watchful neighbors and prevented loss of valuable building tools and materials. It is good that neighbors can rely on neighbors to help protect their homes. That is certainly showing they are “good neighbors.”
Thanks also to the quick response from the Union City Police Department. Materials were recovered, thanks to watchful neighbors and quick response. Good job.
Charles Callis
Obion County
Habitat for Humanity

Don’t call; tell
where you stand

To The Editor:
Does anyone other than myself find it curious that — all of a sudden — politicians and political candidates of all stripes seem to “care” about my opinions? After two years of politicians not giving a rodent’s hindquarters about the opinions of the electorate, now they seem to care what I think. 
The phone is ringing off the wall with “robo-calls” and pollsters’ calls. My mailbox is full of campaign literature and pleas for money only thinly disguised as opinion questionnaires. Gee, all of a sudden they can hear me now and are seeking me out. I am being bombarded here and wish to become as scarce as a politician at a 2009 town hall meeting.
Has the collective hearing of the political class suddenly improved as we move into midterms? Have we, the people, become relevant again? Or, are the candidates (both incumbent and wannabes) simply gathering information to formulate speeches/soundbites to craft a successful campaign, get into office and do as he/she darn well pleases (business as usual)? My cynical self believes it is the latter.
I have no qualms about telling pollsters that my opinions have not mattered to this point and should not matter to Candidate X at this time. While I understand that the pollsters simply have a job to do, I am clearly telling each and every one that the only “poll” that matters is the actual election. 
I am simply not interested in helping any candidate package himself to get elected. I want to hear what the candidate thinks and what he has to bring to the table. I can accept/reject a candidate with better confidence if the candidate is not a wolf packaged in sheep’s clothing, i.e. not campaigning wrapped in results of opinion polls. Just tell me where you stand, Candidate X — don’t simply regurgitate that which the polls indicate I am most likely to want to hear.  
That would be a change I could believe in.
Sharon Long
Union City
Published in The Messenger 6.9.10

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