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Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 8:02 pm

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – While many homeowners are repairing and rebuilding after the flood, they may need to consider the impact flooding has had on their termite protection.
“Homeowners affected by the flood should consult a fully licensed and chartered pest control business before paying for costly termite retreatments,” said pesticide administrator Kathy Booker with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  “There are certain instances where retreatment may be necessary, but in general consumers should be wary of quick fixes promised by individuals who show up on their doorstep.”
Property sometimes may need retreatment for termites, particularly if soil has been carried away from or deposited next to the foundation. Other indications include the movement of foundations, slabs, porches, driveways or sidewalks and the disturbance of landscaping. These conditions can interrupt termite protection barriers that were applied during original construction or the previous treatment.
Homeowners who have a contract for regular inspections and termite treatments should contact their pest control company for a re-evaluation of their property. The company is required to have a record of what pesticides and treatment were previously used. While some pest control contracts may provide for retreatment under specified conditions, homeowners should check to see if retreatments are covered under their contract or homeowner’s insurance policy.   
Under state law, only businesses licensed, chartered and certified specifically for treating for wood destroying organism can treat for termites. Homeowners should not perform their own termite treatment and should avoid general contractors offering to provide pesticide services.
To ensure you are dealing with someone qualified, homeowners are encouraged to:
Ask for a Commercial Pesticide Applicators Certification card or Commercial Pesticide License card, one of which should be carried by all commercial applicators.
Look for a company name and charter number. A pest control company is allowed to do business legally in Tennessee only if the charter number is visible on commercial vehicles and advertisements.
Check to see if the applicator is employed by a company with a valid charter from TDA. A list of chartered pest control businesses in Tennessee is found at or by calling TDA Regulatory Services Division at 615-837-5148.
Ask for a solicitor’s card, required by TDA, if a company representative solicits your business.
Ask to see structural damage or other evidence of the need for treatment before signing a contract.
Ask for a copy of the product label and Material Safety Data Sheet to better understand the hazards and proper use of pesticides around your home.
Applying pesticides without a valid license or charter is a Class A misdemeanor. Persons convicted for operating without a license are prohibited from engaging in commercial pest control activities for a year.
Consumers who suspect pesticides have been improperly applied by a legal or illegal applicator, should contact TDA. Complaints must be submitted in writing on an official Pesticide Investigation Request form available at or by calling 615-837-5148 locally, or toll-free 1-800-628-2631.
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