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Martin man charged with aggravated assualt

Martin man charged with aggravated assualt
Martin man charged with aggravated assualt | Mark A. Cooper, Martin Police Department, Justin Moore

Mark Cooper
A Martin man and physician has been charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly stabbed a Dresden man with a knife.
According to an incident report issued by the Martin Police Department, officers were to a local hospital for a report of someone being cut with a knife.
Justin Moore, 32, of Dresden had told officers he was at the home of 41-year-old Mark Cooper on Harrison Road when Cooper became upset and attempted to cut his own throat, according to the report.
Moore claimed he tried to grab the knife from Cooper when a struggle ensued and Moore sustained a “severe” cut to the forearm and severed both arteries.
Moore was airlifted from VCH in Martin to Dallas, Texas for a surgery as a result of the nerve damage caused by the cut.
When officers met with Cooper, he apparently admitted to burning his clothes and bleaching the floor in an attempt to clean the blood, according to the incident report.
Cooper reportedly told officers that he was talking of hurting himself and he did not want to hurt Moore, just get away from him.
After a Pathways mental health evaluation, cooper was admitted to the Mental Health Institute in Bolivar for further evaluation.
Cooper has reportedly worked with the McKenzie Medical Center, which operates in three locations: Dresden, Bruceton and McKenzie. The incident report listed Cooper as currently being self-employed. He faces a charge of aggravated assault. Cooper is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on Wednesday.
WCP 6.08.10

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