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A Crusader’s View – 6.08.10

A Crusader’s View – 6.08.10

Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 9:14 pm
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

“God, Guns, and Beer?!?!”
Hello once again! After a Memorial Day hiatus I am ready to tackle this week’s subject with great anticipation. I must say that this subject hits much closer to home than oil spills and flotilla turmoil.
It, I believe would somewhat affect our ‘Martonian’ community at large as well as the rest of the state. Whether its effects would be good or bad remains to be seen.
In a May 28 article from The Tennessean titled, “TN Senate overrides ‘guns in bars’ veto,” it states that our state Senate voted to overturn the Governor’s veto on a bill to allow concealed weapons to be carried in bars and other places that serve alcohol.
With this news, there have already been groups saying if this bill passes the House “they will sue,” citing the Occupational Safety Hazard Act.
To relay my opinion on this issue, first of all, I am about 90 to 95 percent against so-called ‘gun control.’ I believe that there are few places where gun control is justified.
I do believe in gun registration and mandatory gun safety training for first-time owners of high powered handguns and rifles.
But, it is of my opinion that if someone has obtained a license to carry a concealed weapon, they should be able to do so without much restriction.  
To say that it is a violation of ‘occupational safety’ to allow concealed weapons in a place of business, even a reprobate establishment that serves alcohol, is in my opinion stupid.
It is a felony crime to brandish a deadly weapon in a public place whether it is legal to carry one or not. A law making it legal to carry concealed weapons will not prevent crimes.  Neither will one barring its use. A violent drunk will still be violent and will still carry out violent gun and weapon crime whether it is considered legal or illegal to carry a concealed weapon.  
Be that as it may, I believe that letting people who have been licensed and fully trained to carry concealed weapons be able to do just that. It may actually deter crime. Of course, nothing will fully stop violent crimes from happening.
If only one criminal has a gun, then the criminal has all of the power. However, if 20 people have guns and only one is a criminal, then the criminal has NO power.
In closing, I am still one of those “Christian Conservative Crazies” that believes the restrictive governmental control of our arms is Anti-Freedom and Anti-American.
People who have undergone training and licensing to carry a firearm should be able to do so, even at the bar.
On another note, I have personally seen literally hundreds of lives destroyed by drugs and especially alcohol.
This may ruffle a few feathers, but I much rather see a ban on bars, dance clubs and lounges that destroy families and lives than a ban on concealed weapons.  
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