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Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 8:01 pm

Troy residents lauded for help
To The Editor:
On Thursday, my wife, daughter and four-month old granddaughter had car trouble in Troy.
They were stranded under the red light near the police station and the car would not crank and could not be moved.
Several people from Troy stopped by and tried to help but the car would not cooperate. They got on their cell phones and soon Tony Jones, a Troy resident, showed up with tools, cleaned the battery posts and cables and had the car running.
He refused any kind of payment.
I think it speaks volumes about Troy, Obion County and West Tennesseans about the way they come to each other’s aid.
I would like to thank Tony and all the people who stopped to help my family in the (near) 90-degree heat Thursday.
I only hope that we get to return the hospitality in Lake County some day.
It was a very thoughtful and nice gesture.
Evan Jones

Laird family
deserves better
To The Editor:
On behalf of the West Tennessee Patriot Guard Riders, I would like to make a public apology to Billy Laird and his family of behalf of the uncouth and unfeeling perpetrators that vandalized his son’s monument recently.
I would not expect that any individual or group that acted so maliciously as to defame and destroy a monument placed in honor of a lost relative, in this case a deceased son, would ever have the courage to step forward and offer the family and the community a sincere apology. They may indeed be sorry if they get caught, but it’s doubtful their sincerity will be heartfelt.
It was students that were guilty of the previous defamation. I sincerely hope that is not the case this time. If so, I would hope the dean and administration take a long, hard look at the repetitive actions of their student body and make a stand with strong disciplinary actions against any student guilty of such a heinous crime in the future.  
The previous actions from 2008 were stated to be in protest of war. Understand this location and the statue placed in it was dedicated in memory of a child now gone, a young man of your community that represented its citizenry with bravery and nobility. This young soldier fought to protect the very freedom of expression the ungrateful vandals exercised in the destruction of his monument. How unfortunate the criminals that committed this act missed the lesson of honor this very monument represented.
You do not have to agree with the issue of war, but each and every citizen of this country should appreciate and respect any person who has donned a uniform to serve and protect our great nation.
I can’t imagine how I would feel if I had lost a child, brother, classmate or friend and discovered some low-life scum had desecrated their gravesite, marker, etc… I hope the citizens of that community are as outraged as I am. My heart goes out to the Laird family, which has had to deal with this sacrilege over and over.
I hope once these criminals — and that is indeed what they are — once they are brought before a judge, I hope he sentences them to clean every statue, monument and grave marker in the entire city limits with a toothbrush so they may learn a true lesson of respect for that community’s deceased.
Cleaning the boots of every veteran in that community would be a good lesson of humility as well.
Angela Ireland
PGR volunteer
Published in The Messenger 6.2.10

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