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OCCHS honors students for academic achievement

OCCHS honors students for academic achievement

Posted: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 1:03 pm

The Messenger 06.02.10
A number of Obion County Central High School students were recently honored for academic achievement for 2009-10.
This year’s Challenge Graduates were Steven Baldwin, Liesel Grossner, Ramon Mendez, Levi Bell, Bradley Harris, Caitlin Pate, Chelsea Boyd, Katelin Hayes, Brian Randolph, Lindsey Breeden, Darrin Howard, Alex Rapp, Jerrie Carrington, Jenna Land, Kelsey Reed, John Castellaw, Hannah Lane, Crystal Rer-ick, Gage Chapman, Mollie Long, Martin Reyna, Laurie Craddock, Cory Luther, Matthew Roberson, Alyx Crews, Brittany Lyell, Michael Ruddy, Travis Daniel, Barrett Marlowe, Kacee Sanders, Adrienne Devasier, Tiffany Marvin, Samantha Store, Susan Douglas, Chelsey Mathis, Spencer Terry, Jeremy Green, Brandon McGinnis, Amber Wade, Ashtyn Grimes and Danielle Web-ber.
The Tennessee Scholars Graduates this year included Chelsea Boyd, Lindsey Breeden, Jennifer Brooks, Hope Burt, Laykon Butler, Jerrie Carrington, Allison Cary, Carson Castellaw, Gage Chapman, Laurie Craddock, Alyx Crews, Travis Daniel, Chelsie Darnell, Adrienne Devasier, Susan Douglas, Brooke Ferrell, Chassidy Fussell, Jeremy Green, Ashtyn Grimes. Liesel Grossner, Bradley Harris, Katelin Hayes, Darrin Howard, Kayla Keeling, Christopher Kelly, Jenna Land, Hannah Lane, Mollie Long, Cory Luther, Brittany Lyell, Tiffany Marvin, Chelsey Mathis, Crystal Owens, Katie Pate, Brian Randolph, Ashley Readenour, Kelsey Reed, Crystal Rerick, Martin Reyna, Matthew Roberson, Roberson Russell, Samatha Storey, Emily Taylor, Spenser Terry, Amber Wade and Danielle Webber.
Academic Decathlon Team members honored were: Honor Team — Kacee Warren, Reid Wiggins and Michael Ruddy; Scholastic Team — Josh Moore, Kacee Sanders and Jordan Smith; and Varsity Team — Levi Bell, Tim Moore and Chase Roney.
Math awards were earned by Billie Dee Preuett, first semester Algebra I; Nancy Davis, second semester Algebra I; Chelsea Southerland, first semester Algebra II; Allison Wicker, second semester Algebra II; Barrett Marlowe, Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry; Christina Jackson, first semester Geometry; Heather Muirhead, second semester Geometry; Daniel Purdy, first semester Technical Geometry; Krista Tackett, second semester Technical Geometry; Reid Wiggins, first semester Pre-Calculus; Krysten Harris, second semester Pre-Calculus; and Michael Ruddy, Calculus.
Language awards were earned by Allison Ward, first semester Honors English I; Allison Wicker, second semester Honors English I; Chelsea Southerland, Honors English II; Alton Alexander, first semester Honors English III; Kacee Warren, second semester Honors English III; Danielle Webber, Honors English IV; Liesel Grossner, Dual Credit English; Zach Tucker, first semester Regular English I; Andrea Pickard, second semester Regular English I; Alyssa Rodriguez, first semester Regular English II; Danielle Burress, second semester Regular English II; Jennifer Webber, first semester Regular English III; Linda Geary, second semester Regular English III; Eric Watson, first semester Regular English IV; Zach Williams, second semester Regular English IV; Alyx Crews, Broadcasting; Kelsey Reed, Journalism; Chelsea Southerland, first semester Spanish I; Colton Woodward, second semester Spanish I; Teal Ford, first semester Spanish II; Brett Cash, second semester Spanish II; Lauren Jones, French I; and Alton Alexander, French II.
Science awards were earned by Mitch Arnett, first semester Biology I; Trent Mann, second semester Biology I; Michael Ruddy, first semester Biology II; Liesel Grossner, second semester Biology II; Michael Harrison, first semester Biology for Technology; Kristen Vickers, second semester Biology for Technology; Colton Woodward, first semester Chemistry I; Chelsea Southerland, second semester Chemistry I; Diana Whitmore, first semester Chemistry II; Alton Alexander, second semester Chemistry II; Matthew Roberson, Physics; Jonathan Kelly, first semester Physical Science; Alyssa Rodriguez, second semester Physical Science; Brandon Stephenson, first semester Environmental Science; Brady York, second semester Environmental Science; and Jerrie Carrington, Human Anatomy and Physiology.
Health and wellness awards were earned by Ethan Rudd, first semester Health Science Education; Darrin Howard, second semester Health Science Education; Byron Brown, Anatomy and Physiology; Ashley Alexander, first semester Diagnostic Medicine; Katie Pate, second semester Diagnostic Medicine; Miranda Wilson Clinical Internship; Krystal Owens, first semester Rehabilitation Therapies; Danielle Web-ber, second semester Rehabilitation Therapies; Shane Walley, first semester Emergency Medical Service; Jordan Smith, second semester Emergency Medical Service; McCall Hart, first semester Medical Therapeutics; Jenna Land, second semester Medical Therapeutics; Katie Speed, first semester Wellness; and Blake Rudd, second semester Wellness.
Social science awards were earned by Rad McDavid, first semester World Geo-graphy; Mason Warren, second semester World Geography; Mikey Arnett, first semester American History; Bret Williams, second semester American History; Liesel Grossner, first semester Economics; Jenna Land, second semester Economics; Chris Kelly, first semester Government; Darrin Howard, second semester Government; Bret Williams, National Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award; and Kimberly Klein, Freshman Studies.
Business Arts awards were earned by Brooke Ferrell, Accounting I; Eric Watson, Business Management; Cory Jay Thompson, Work Skills; Gage Chapman, Integrated Input Technology; Allison Wicker, first semester Computer Applications; Allison Ward, second semester Computer Applications; Caitlin Hall, first semester Desktop Publishing; Thomas Elam, second semester Desktop Publishing; Jomykel Hepler, first semester Multimedia Design; Jennifer Webber, second semester Multimedia Design; Shane Spencer, first semester Life Skills; Caleb Baird, second semester Life Skills; Rob Holman, first semester Criminal Justice I; Katie Beth Vancleave, second semester Criminal Justice I; Stephanie Glisson, Criminal Justice II; and Martin Reyna, Criminal Justice III.
Family and life skills awards were earned by Maitland Wright, first semester Family and Consumer Science; Tori York, second semester, Family and Consumer Science; Kayla Dean, first semester, Family and Parenting/Child Development; Leah Howard, second semester Family and Parenting/Child Development; Brittany Lyell, first semester Life Connections; Tiffany Marvin, second semester Life Connections; Kayla Keeling, Nutrition and Foods I; Laykon Butler, first semester Culinary Arts; and Stephanie Glisson, second semester Culinary Arts
Arts awards were earned by Chelsey Taylor, first semester Art I; Hannah Lane, second semester Art I; Madalyn Williams, first semester Art II; Caitlin Hall, second semester Art II; Hope Montgomery, first semester Art III; Matt Hester, second semester Art III; Crystal Rerick, first semester Art IV; Mollie Long, second semester Art IV; Jennifer Brooks, first semester Piano Keyboarding; John South Wilson, second semester Piano Keyboarding; and Ashleigh Vancleave, Vocal Music
Agriculture awards were earned by Kayla Ford, first semester Agriculture I; Nancy Davis, second semester Agriculture I; Laura Beth Shelton, Agriculture II; Chantelle Barnes, first semester Wildlife and For-estry; Cory Luther, second semester Wildlife and Forestry; Chelsey Mathis, Greenhouse Management; Brooke Ferrell, Soil and Land Management; Ethan Rudd, Turfgrass and Landscaping; Garrett McDaniel, Live-stock Management; Lauren Berner, Equine Science; Liesel Grossner, Veterinary Science; and Diana Whitmore, Small Animal Care.


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