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Internship/workship offers international experience

Internship/workship offers international experience

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 2:19 pm

The Messenger 05.26.10
The University of Tennessee at Martin Center for International Education (CIE) has announced the first group of recipients of the federally-funded International Education Internship/Workship Scholarship Program.
This program is poised to help students gain practical international project experiences and make them more marketable post-graduation.
“The CIE was entrusted these external funds to help our students experience and report practical international educational experiences,” said Dr. Malcolm Koch, CIE executive director. “We are pleased to see such a cross-discipline group of students in this pilot group, and look forward to their personal and professional success.”
Selected students will participate in one of four international education internship/workship experiences.
Students in each of the four areas signed “international education agreements” committing them to various tasks and detailed reporting. Much of the reporting of these real-world experiences will be demonstrated in student-to-student channels, and will be monitored by internationally focused faculty and staff.
“This program is a great match for my students in fashion merchandising,” said Dr. Sue Byrd, UT Martin professor of textiles, clothing and merchandising. “My students are required to complete an internship, and those tied to this cohort are interning in businesses that buy products from international vendors. This program challenges them to document and discuss the pros and cons of using international vendors, and to consider carefully the ethics involved when American suppliers are left out.”
“In addition to agreement deliverables, all students in the pilot group are completing pre- and post-test international competency surveys,” Koch said. “It is anticipated this program will demonstrate these direct experiences will not only give students marketable job skills, but will change their long-term views on globalization.”
The CIE program is a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
The Center for Inter-national Education is led by Dr. Malcolm Koch and serves the UT Martin campus community. The CIE is a part of the College of Business and Global Affairs. For more information on this or other internationally- focused programs, contact Lorrie Jackson, administrative specialist, at (731) 881-1023.


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