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Roadside dumping raises questions

Roadside dumping raises questions
Roadside dumping raises questions | Hazlewood Road, illegal dumping
STINKY GARBAGE – The piles of discarded bulk food containers that sits on the side of Haygood Road has left a nearby resident reporting the mess to local and state authorities. Thus far, no leads have been formed as to who is committing the illegal dumping.

A Hazlewood Road resident just outside of Martin is working to resolve a recent issue of roadside dumping.
Photos that were emailed to the Weakley County Press office on Monday show evidence of empty bulk food containers that were bagged and discarded on the side of Hazlewood Road.
The tipster said that the dumping was noticed by family members Friday afternoon.
The discarded trash consisted heavily of food bulk containers of ranch dressing, wing sauce, empty bags of chicken wings, bread wrappers, a large empty refrigerator box and empty drink boxes.
The incident has been reported to the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department and the Rural Roads organization.
The Haygood Road resident said she was waiting on a return phone call from the state organization.
She was informed that the sheriff’s department must wait for the Rural Roads organization to investigate the incident.
Information regarding the dumping can be reported to the WCSD at 364-5454.

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