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State could breathe easier with biofuels

State could breathe easier with biofuels
Nashville – The huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may be a symptom of the way we currently distribute and use energy in Tennessee, but it’s not the only symptom.
The burning of fossil fuel also has a major impact on the air we breathe, according to the American Lung Association.
In May, National Clean Air Month, the ALA is taking an advocacy role for the use of cleaner-burning renewable fuels, such as E-85 and biodiesel. According to spokesman Bob Moffitt, each car that switches to E-85 fuel has a great impact.
“It will prevent about four tons of emissions from going into the air, every year. That’s just one vehicle.”
In the case of biodiesel, says Moffitt, particulate emissions are greatly reduced and any diesel vehicle can use it without engine modifications.
He points out that biofuels are produced from such renewable sources as corn and soybeans grown in Tennessee, so they don’t don’t have to be pumped from the ocean floor or other environmentally sensitive areas. Getting them to market can also be less costly, he adds.
“It’s a local fuel, we don’t have to transport it a long way. It’s relatively easy to produce both E-85 and biodiesel.”
ALA has a Web site dedicated to information about alternative energy and fuel sources, including prices and retail availability in some states.
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