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Photo: April Martin Primary Star students

Photo: April Martin Primary Star students

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2010 5:30 pm

Photo: April Martin Primary Star students | Martin Primary School, Star Students
Martin Primary School would like to recognize our STAR students for the month of April. Kindergarten STAR students are: (front row, from left) Frank Newton from Jean Thompson’s room, Haley Corpier from Lesley Lampkins’s room, Braydon Sherwood from Becky Jackson’s room, Bryce Garner from Misty Vaughn’s room, Audrey Sliger from Michelle Vincent’s room, Santana Ligons from Debbie Barner’s room, Ashlyn Chandler from Jenna Scott’s room, and Abigail Scherfel from Ginger Higgs’s room. The first grade STAR students are; (middle row, from left) Jayden Ware from Nancy Taylor’s room, Caleb Courtney from Kelly Talley’s room, Youjung Jung from Joan Howell’s room, Zak Walters from Mandy Sturdivant’s room, Brandon Gross from Stacye Fisher’s room, Kelon Bean from Amanda Smith’s room, Will Tuck from Zann Wortham’s room, Emerson Leyhue from Marcia Campbell’s room, and Jacob Floyd from Teena Young’s room. The second grade STAR students are; (back row, from left) Alyssa Campbell from Kenya Thomas’s room, Alyssa Meredith from Charleigh Stephens’s room, Kaegan Hammonds from Kim Castleman’s room, Shabrina Lowery from Trina Walker’s room, Austin Mitchell from Anna Goss’s room, Austine Corpier from Carol Barker’s room, Natalie Vogt from Kim Alexanders’s room, and not pictured is Nikki Jackson from Mrs. Maggie Byars’s room.


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