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Making a difference, one strand at a time

Making a difference, one strand at a time
Making a difference, one strand at a time | Styles on Broadway, Martin, Matter of Trust, Gulf Coast oil spill
SMALL STRANDS, BIG DIFFERENCE – Styles on Broadway stylist Emily Dunn will send client Judy Jolley’s hair to the Gulf Coast to help clean up the oil spill.

A local salon is attempting to make a large impact in the hopes of leaving the planet a bit better than they found it.
Styles on Broadway in Martin is one of the hundreds of businesses across the nation lending a helping strand of hair to clean up the recent Gulf Coast oil spill. It has issued an all call to area businesses to join in the efforts.
Through an organization known as Matter of Trust, booms made of recycled hosiery and hair clippings are being rapidly put together in an effort to help alleviate the Gulf of Mexico of oil.
Matter of Trust is a non-profit, environmental organization that has been helping clean oil spills since 1998 using donated animal and human hair as well as donated stockings.
Thus far, donations have poured in from every state in the country for their efforts. Gulf Coast cities are hosting “Bar B Q parties” and “Boom B Q’s” to assemble booms filled with the donated hair.
Donated hair clippings are coming to the organization from hair salons, barber shops, pet groomers and wool farmers.
“Why hair? Simply put, we shampoo because hair collects oil. It soaks up skin oils, grabs oil from the pollution in the air and it can soak up petroleum in oil spills,” Executive Director of Matter of Trust Lisa Craig Gautier shared in a press release.
The collected hair and fur are repackaged into highly absorbent hairmats and booms.
Just last week, the organization reported it had received 400,000 pounds of hair donations to help clean up the Gulf coast oil slick.
That is why Styles on Broadway is coordinating a regional effort to help get donated hair to the Gulf Coast.
From pet groomers to hair clippings, everyone who contributes to the clean up project is making a large difference from several hundreds of miles away.
To contribute or join the Martin business, see the advertisement on Page 3. For more details about the project, see
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