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Conference of Naional jSociety CDXVIIC held

Conference of Naional jSociety CDXVIIC held

Posted: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 9:07 pm

Conference of Naional jSociety CDXVIIC held | 86th Annual Conference of the National Society CDXVIIC

ATTEND CONFERENCE — Tennessee Daughters Attending the annual conference of National Society CDXVIIC were (from left) State Treasurer, Linda Harris, State Recording Secretary, Shirley Hall, State President, Charlotte Miller, President General Sandra Renz
  The 86th Annual Conference of the National Society CDXVIIC was held April
14-17, 2010 at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC, with President General Mrs. Mernard T. Renzy, III presiding.
  Thursday began with the Board of Management meeting 9 a.m. The State Presidents Club 11:30 a.m. and the Officers Club Brunch at 11:30 a.m.
  The National Tea and open house was held Thursday afternoon from 2-4 p.m. at the National Headquarters, located at 1300 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, DC.  Tea host was the District of Columbia. Those serving as Tennessee Room Hostess were Charlotte Miller, Shirley Hall, Aline Roberts and Beverly Wood. Linda Harris worked in the flag room.  National Corresponding Secretary Pat Boals, of Paris, was in the receiving line with other National Officers to greet members as they entered the house front parlor. The dining room table was beautiful decorated and filled with many tasty sandwiches and sweets of all kinds. Fruit punch and coffee were the drinks. Over 175 members and guests attended the function.
  Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. was the “Opening of Conference.” All enjoyed a concert from the Marine Corps Brass Quintet before the processional entrance march led by Grand Marshall Pamela R. Wright, and Ms. Shelley Martin, page chairman with state presidents, honorary vice presidents general, national officers and the president general. Following patriotic exercises, the welcome was given by First Vice President General Mrs. Keith Lockard. The response was given by Honorary Mrs. Thomas R. Ross. Greetings and introductions were given by Mrs. Renzy, III. Mrs.  Jan Lockard introduced conference committees. Mrs. Shelly Martin introduced pages serving the conference. Honorary President’s General attending were Mrs. Thomas R. Ross, of Kentucky, Mrs. James E.  Johnston, of Alabama, Mrs. Richard  E. Hemmingway, of Florida, and Mrs. Emile J. Gex of Mississippi. Honorary Vice Presidents Generals attending were Mrs. Gerald Puckett, of Texas, and Mrs. Williams J. Bade of Missouri.
  Mrs. Renzy introduced the first evening speaker, David Moore, Ph.D of Warren Wilson College, who spoke on the settlement of Ft. San Juan recently discovered in North Carolina. The second speaker, Roger Panetta, Ph.D of Fordham University, spoke on the 400th Anniversary of the Dutch
Settlement of New Amsterdam.
The conference convened on Friday, April 16, at 9 a.m. Following opening patriotic exercises, the credential committee reported 179 present to vote. Next was the reading of conference rules and
the presentation of the conference program. Nominations from the floor for the next national nominating committee were selected.
  Report of the President General said serving has been rewarding. She asked everyone to read the review to keep abreast about the society. She presented awards to states that have a Web-page and organized new chapters. Awards were also presented to states with news letters e-mailed to their state members. The society installed new double ovens in the kitchen and had it painted. Miss Louise Taylor, of Kentucky, gave a new washer and dryer for the house and paid for the installation. New appraisal must be done soon on the house.
  First Vice President General Mrs. Lockard made plans for the conference arrangements. Second Vice President General Mrs. Dee Dupuis collects donations to the society. Chaplain Mrs. Horace Davis reported 289 deaths from 39 states. Corresponding Secretary General Pat Boals, of Tennessee,  asked members to send in corrections, but use the correct form in the summer packet. Old chapter officers send in new officers forms by April 1. Chapters must elect their officers and install them after the national conference. Organizing Secretary General Mrs. Mary Jane Stallworth reported all new chapters must have a chartering date and a tax EIN number. Treasurer General Mrs. Millicent Jordan has hired a CPA firm in DC for consulting to financial matters. Registrar General Mrs. Ruth Jacobs reported she had approved 649 new members and the genies approved 1,328 members. The chapter worksheet is on the web to work on your application. Historian General Mrs. Mary Ellen Hinson will have appraisal on all items in the house after conference. Librarian General Mrs. Elizabeth  Gramling reported all books must be documented. There were 394 books donated to the society this year. Curator General Mrs. Libby McAteer told everyone to view guidelines for gifts given to the society. Items given this year were a soup bowl given by South Carolina, silver goblet given by Texas; and 3 display tables for the house were given by North Carolina. Assistant registrar reported the house vault had been reworked to give more shelves for storage.
On Friday at noon, West Virginia State Society was the awards luncheon host, and their program gave special events about West Virginia. The chorus sang “Country Roads” to fit their state. The Tennessee State Society was presented 9 national awards.
  The Friday meeting reconvened and recommendations from the board of management and the national committee chairmen reports were presented.  The 100th Anniversary Celebration Chair Mrs. Mary Johnston reported she had made a disk on our national founder, Miss Mary Florence Taney, to give to every state. She also made a disk on the “History of our National Society 1915-1999.” Members are to use these for chapter meetings. All states need to make a disk on their chapters and past state presidents as we get ready for our big celebration in 2015.
  State presidents reported next. Mrs. Charlotte Miller, Tennessee state president, remarked that Tennessee has a state newsletter and a Web page to update members on state activities.
On Friday evening, Oklahoma State Society served as host. Following opening patriotic exercises the Chorus sang the song “Oklahoma.” The program for the evening was Red Hills English Country
Dance Society from South Carolina. They presented dances from the colonial period in costume.  
On  Saturday morning, the Hour of Remembrance was held at 8:30 a.m. and conducted by the Chaplain General, Mrs. Fran Davis. Tennessee State Society had nine deaths this year.
Conference reconvened at 9 a.m. The final report of the credentials committee gave 276 present with 206 to vote.  Members’ names and states who voted on the national nominating committee were presented. The winners were: Alabama, Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Illinois, with Georgia as 1st Alternate and South Carolina as 2nd Alternate.
  Next was the approval of new by-laws led by Honorary President General Mary Johnston.
  Saturday was the Illinois State Society Luncheon. The chorus sang the Illinois State Song. The conference reconvened to continue voting on by-law changes until 5:30 p.m. Courtesy
Resolutions were read and everyone sang, “Blest Be the Tie That Binds.” The benediction was
given and the meeting adjourned.wcp 5-18-10

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