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A Crusader’s View – 5.11.10

A Crusader’s View – 5.11.10

Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2010 1:21 pm
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

Slick, but not slippery enough.
Hello once again, with renewed vigor and rest I am ready to tackle the subject at hand for this week.
I must say that this one is a ‘fireball’ to say the least. Out in the Gulf of Mexico, there is a major oil spill/leak that could potentially affect millions. In the word ‘potential’ is where this firestorm lies.
With the advent of the gushing oil and a would-be terrorist attempt by a moron, Tennessee’s blight of flooding and devastation has been seemingly swept under the rug in our Mainstream Media.
The National (not local or regional) reports coming from Nashville as well as other counties which are under water have been dismal to say the least.
They have consisted of only small sound bytes, 20 second comments, and grainy video by fluff reporters afraid to get wet.
I hate to say it but, YouTube has done a better job reporting in our ravaged areas than the ‘big players’ at NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox combined.
To somewhat answer why this is, ‘Newsweek’ blogger Andrew Romano has come up with a horrid, pathetic, and yet true answer to this back turning on Tennessee. And I quote, “The Nashville narrative wasn’t compelling enough to break the cycle, so the MSM just continued to blather on about BP and Shahzad.”
Mr. Romano, speaking ‘in the know’ of the Mainstream says; more than 1 billion in damage leaving 30+ people dead just wasn’t ‘newsworthy’ enough.
The NOAA has stated that this is probably the worst natural disaster in American history, yet to the mainstream media, some oil soaked birds and a would-be seafood shortage at Red Lobster is worth more than all of the blighted people living and dying in the waterlogged ‘home of Country music.’  
Along with the apparent snub from the Mainstream media, our Tennessee citizen’s have also been snubbed by another alleged source, our President.
Now before you say it, on Fox News Gov. Phil Bredesen stated, “I’ve never seen this kind of response … FEMA and the White House could not have been more helpful in this thing.”
Also, he went on to say, “The President was on the phone to me before the sun came up practically on Monday morning.”  
Also to be factual from the “State of Tennessee: Federal Disaster Declaration Fact Sheet” published May 4th it states “On May 4, 2010, President Obama declared a major disaster declaration for the State of Tennessee, triggering the release of federal funds to help people and communities recover from the severe storms and flooding beginning April 30, 2010, and continuing.”
Well, where do you see a ‘snub’ from all of that? The disaster declaration, after explaining what counties are affected and what is provided for people in need, ends with, “If you have any questions or need additional information on this Federal disaster declaration, please contact Jason Nelson at (202) 646-4500”
As in Jason A. Nelson: Chief of the Disaster Response Branch of the Legislative Affairs Division which is DHS/FEMA! Even, the number they give is not the White House switchboard!
This so-called declaration from the President is not even being overseen by the President!
Also with more facts, on May 6 there was a Conference Call on the Flooding in Tennessee with FEMA Administrator Fugate, Governor Phil Bredesen, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, and Senior VP of the American Red Cross Joe Becker.
It was a State of the State check up to find out on a Federal level if Tennessee was/is doing O.K.  
My question to that is, where was the President?   Wouldn’t the President at least want to hear firsthand as to how one of the states in the Union that is facing great hardship was doing? Oh!
That’s right… “he was busy” is the alleged ongoing excuse.
Too busy, in fact; to see the heartland of the Volunteer state awash in turmoil unlike that which many has ever seen. But let’s recap for a moment.  
On May 2, 12 days after the oil rig in the Gulf exploded leaving massive oil leakage and 11 missing and/or dead, Barack finally showed up in the Gulf to check on things and do what he does, give speeches.
In the meantime, he has allegedly found all the time in the world to play golf, attend galas, speak at colleges, yell at Arizona, plead with Mexicanos and Latinos for votes and even eat ribs.
But nothing in his published agenda that I can find, has listed from April 29 when it started flooding in Tennessee to the point of the writing of this column, an entry made for our Commander-In-Chief to dare grace our ‘Rocky Top’ with his presence.
But wait!
Obama called Gov. Bredesen, made a brief declaration, shrugged his burden into FEMA’s lap, and even on the 6th called Brad Paisley while Brad was on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. Isn’t that good enough? NOPE!
Maybe the reason the President could find time in his busy schedule of seeming partying, campaigning, and leisure to go to the Gulf and not come to Tennessee is because in a Politico article on May 5 it came out that he is the largest recipient of campaign cash from BP.
You know, the people that owned the rig!
In closing, oil is spilling into the Gulf by the thousands of gallons every day. What kind of environmental impact it will cause is unseen.
But what ‘potential’ has been fully realized is a state with a capitol city underwater with of many of its counties gravely affected as well.  I am not assuming anything or making judgments about Barack Obama.
But, at least for now, it would seem that at the White House spilled ‘Texas Tea’ is much more important than a drowning ‘Nashville cat.’
Hear an expanded version of the column on YouTube!
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