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Martin’s Red Barn Kennels make canines feel like their on vacation

Martin’s Red Barn Kennels make canines feel like their on vacation

Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 9:03 pm

Martin’s Red Barn Kennels make canines feel like their on vacation | Red Barn Kennels, microchipping, grooming, canines, dogs, Mt. Pelia Road, Martin

Sandra Foley and Amy Rollins, of Red Barn Kennels, offers grooming, boarding, microchipping and obedience classes for area canines. Red Barn Kennels is located at 993 Mt. Pelia Rd. in Martin and can be reached at 731-588-1091.
When planning for a vacation, finding a business that will board and groom your beloved pet can be hard. Red Barn Kennels, located at 993 Mt. Pelia Rd., has such a wonderful atmosphere that your pets will feel like they’re on vacation!
Amy Rollins and Sandra Foley, of Red Barn Kennels, specialize in grooming all breed of dogs. Rollins has more than 30 years experience as a master groomer. She has been a professional handler for 15 years, and have been to world-renowned shows, such as the famous Westminster Dog Show.
“We can groom any dog, including large breeds and hard to groom dogs. We specialize in grooming dogs that normally have to be sedated,” said Rollins.
Rollins and Foley make your pet dog look like a show dog, because Red Barn Kennels places quality over quantity. They have groomed and finished personal champions and pro show dogs.
A full-time groomer is available three days a week, and first-time clients of Red Barn Kennels will receive $2 off their first groom. Grooming includes bathing, nails and hand drying. Dogs are not left to dry in their cages.
“Hand drying looks better than cage drying, because the hair is separated and pulled away from the body. Hand drying fluffs the coat and doesn’t look as dull or matted as cage drying,” said Rollins.
Rollins, a licensed veterinarian technician, and Foley offers obedience training and micro chipping.
“Micro chipping ensures that your pet is safe. Most offices have a microchip scanner. If a dog runs away and ends up in a shelter or at a veterinarian, the office is required to scan the microchip and return the pet to its owner,” said Rollins.
Not only does Red Barn Kennels groom their clients to look like show dogs, they’ll be treated like royalty when they’re boarded.
“My goal is to make every dog that comes here feel like he or she has been on vacation,” said Foley.
Because Foley has rescued dogs for more than 15 years, she said she knows that it’s important for every dog to feel love and attention. At Red Barn Kennel, dogs have more freedom to play outside or inside without being stuck in cages all day. They also board a small number of dogs so that each dog receives more one-on-one attention.
Red Barn Kennels has three common play areas. One area is indoor with heat and air, and two areas are outside. There is also a separate play area for small dogs. Dogs will get all-day attention with plenty of play time, sunshine and compatible playmates.
When it’s time for dogs to curl up for the night, dogs will be comfortable and calm, because each kennel has a privacy panel and Kuranda bed.
Kuranda beds are hygienic, durable and chew-proof. A Kuranda bed has been recommended by veterinarians to help prevent joint-related difficulties, and is beneficial for arthritic, geriatric and special-needs pets.
Morning drop-off times are 7:30-10 a.m., and nightly pick-up times are 4-6 p.m. Overnight boarding is $10 for dogs under 100 lbs., and $12 for dogs over 100 lbs. Daycare is also available. While they are sorry to inconvenience friends of felines, Red Barn Kennels is for canines only.
Knowing that your dog is in the best care of professionals will make leaving your pets while you go on vacation easier. Dogs love to stay at Red Barn Kennels, because the staff loves to play. Paws down, Red Barn Kennels is the next best thing to home!
For more information about their services or to schedule an appointment, Red Barn Kennels, located at 993 Mt. Pelia Rd., can be reached at 731-588-1091 or at their Web site

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