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Letter to the WCP Editor – 5.04.10

Letter to the WCP Editor – 5.04.10

Posted: Friday, May 7, 2010 11:30 am

Dear Editor,
I have been following your Opinion page closely the last few months and believe it is great that you have presented many different views on a lot of different subjects. I can even enjoy reading an opinion that is completely different than mine if I feel the writer honestly believes what they are saying.
However, last Tuesday’s paper had something different. David Barber appeared to attack Jeremy Thayer’s column in a style that reminded me of Chris Matthews or Keith Oberman. David could have simply written his opinion and presented facts and references to where he got his info and why he disagreed with Jeremy, but he didn’t.
Nicolle Crist mentioned in a recent column about having a civil debate on the issues. I say that’s great; let’s have one.
One other thing I want to talk about is misleading speech or speech that may divide or cause hard feelings between groups with different opinions.
Nicolle Crist talked about the Tea Party being hateful and shouting other people down.
The real story is that they had to yell at their congressmen because they weren’t listening to them. Also, her comments on the Arizona immigration bill were misleading. The bill is almost word for word existing Federal law and police aren’t going to stop everyone and ask for papers.
In her April 6 column, Nicolle talked about full disclosure and that writers shouldn’t be obligated to write with a bias toward any group or corporation. In that light, I think she should state that she is the head of the local “Organizing for America” chapter and say how much reading from influences her thinking.
But I still think everyone should have their say in a civil and thoughtful manner.
Weakley County people are not stupid and they will separate fact from fantasy.
George Yeagley
WCP 5.04.10


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