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County’s Democratic primary shows low voter turnout

County’s Democratic primary shows low voter turnout
County's Democratic primary shows low voter turnout | Weakley County 2010 Democratic primary
GOOD LUCK – District 7 commission candidate Shriley Callis and District 7 constable candidate Joel griffith wishes one another good luck outside of the polls at Tennessee Tractor Tuesday afternoon. Both candidates will stake claims on the ballot in the August general election.

With only one contested race in the county listed on the ballot in the Democratic primary Tuesday, only three and a half percent headed to the polls of Election Day. Seven-hundred and eighteen of the 21,187 registered voters in the county turned out for the primary election.
The Democratic primary was considered a trial run for the election commission, poll workers and the new administrator at the helm of the election commission office.
In a recent meeting among election commissioners, board member Liz Dinwiddie said that although the Democratic primary lacked contested races, the county needed Tuesday’s election in preparation for the August General Election.
The county seats that were decided upon by the more than three percent of registered voters on Tuesday were:
• County Mayor – Houston Patrick, 638 votes
• County Commissioner, District 1 – David Rook, 73; John Salmon, 67
• County Commissioner, District 2 – Eric Owen, 60; Julia Rich, 83;
• County Commissioner, District 3 – Mike Medling, 93; Roger Stewart, 91;
• County Commissioner, District 4 – Joe Farmer, 56; Tommy Jones, 65;
• County Commissioner, District 5 – Dick Phebus, 49; Larry Taylor, 54;
• County Commissioner, District 6 – Dale Overton, 27; Earl Wright, 31;
• County Commissioner, District 7 – Bob Bell, 53; Shirley Callis, 48;
• County Commissioner, District 8 – Sam Sinclair, 35; Jack Vincent, 47;
• County Commissioner, District 9 – Kevin McAlpin, 86; Jimmy Westbrook, 83;
• County Trustee – Marci Floyd, 647;
• Sheriff – Mike Wilson, 655;
• Circuit Court Clerk – Pam Belew, 657;
• County Clerk – Pat Scarbrough, 666;
• Register of Deeds – Donna Winstead, 662;
• Road Supervisor – Kermit Hopper, 630;
• Highway Commissioner, Zone 1 – Garry Mansfield, 222;
• Constable, District 1 – Tony Wilson, 70;
• Constable, District 2 – Richard Black, 72; Sherman Perry, 23;
• Constable, District 4 – Larry Watlington, 64;
• Constable, District 5 – Danny Joe Bell, 62;
• Constable, District 7 – Joel Griffith, 52.
These candidates will be listed on the ballot in the August General Election.
A handful of Democratic candidates will face Republican contenders in the general election.
Callis and Bell will vie against Republican David Hawks for the District 7 commission seat.
Taylor and Phebus will vie against Republican Scott Fortner of Martin for the District 5 commission seat.
Voters will be asked to choose only two commissioners in those districts.
Floyd will face competition from Alex Britt of Sharon for the trustee seat.
Potential write-in candidates still have until June 16 to apply for a write-in candidacy in the August election.
WCP 5.06.10

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