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Posted: Thursday, May 6, 2010 3:50 pm

The Messenger, May 6, 2010
To tell you in so many words
Would be like counting all the birds
Or tabulating stars on high
That stretch across the darkened sky.

Like taking every grain of sand
And counting them by human hand.
Like every wave upon the sea,
I voice the love I have for thee.

For mothers all around the earth
This one day proclaims all their worth.
But every day should surely be
A testament of what you mean to me.

From way before we were out on our own
They cared for us with love unknown.
And nurtured us in God’s right way
To help us be what we are today.

Without a thought for their own life
They sacrificed much to ease our strife.
And even after we were grown,
They always treated us as their own.

So mothers, all, accept our praise
And to God’s ears, our prayers we raise
For blessing without ever ending
God’s love, with ours, we now are sending.
Fred Lehmkuhl
affiliated with the Episcopal Church

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